• Provides a natural deodorization and resistance to bacteria using the bamboo cover
• Allergy free- the materials eliminate stuffy head and runny eyes
• Promotes a proper spine alignment
• Eliminates body aches and pains
• Machine washable
• Its environment friendly


• Too hard for some people
• Small

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A memory foam pillow with breathable bamboo cover? Yes, the ergonomic memory foam pillow with breathable bamboo cover is such an amazing pillow for all types of sleepers. The key to having a better and refreshing day is having a god night sleep. But most of us wake up in the morning feeling very sluggish and even sore, on of the major reason may be a poor choice of the pillow. Therefore if you are willing to enjoy a restful sleep at night and then wake up without an annoying neck, shoulder and back pains, then ordinary and other common pillows won’t do you any good. It’s therefore essential to choose a pillow that offers stellar support plus proper alignment. The Stunning Abode’s ergonomic memory foam pillow are unique, with their unique contoured shape they are able to offer the right support when you terribly need it.

Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow with Breathable Bamboo Cover Review
The Stunning Abode memory foam billow has a cool breathable 40% bamboo cover to provide a comfortable sleep all night long.
The pillow is able to align the spine as your sleep and the ergonomic contouring will provide the support needed to avid mornings with stiffness or any other pains and aches on the shoulders, the back and even the neck.
It has an environment friendly biodegradable cover to offer maximum relief and luxury comfort. Also there is an environment green gel wrapped.
Environment friendly breathable bamboo covers with a zipper
A machine washable cover to enhance easy care and cleanness at home
Includes medium softness and firmness level
A memory foam base to help in reducing the dust and other contaminants that may lead to poor sleep

Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow with Breathable Bamboo Cover Review
The Stunning Abode memory foam pillow is unique product has it offers support for your body when you need it. Most discount pillows do not have the right contour in order to align your neck and spine thus leading to nerve and neck problems over a period of time, also the these pillows are too soft to offer any support. But Stunning Abode memory foam pillow keeps the neck and spine aligned to achieve a comfortable sleep. The bamboo cover offers the same gives allergy free sleep. The pillows are of standard sizes.

The ergonomic memory foam pillow with breathable bamboo cover has dominantly overall positive reviews in the Amazon ratings scoring 4.2 stars out of 5 stars from, 196 customer reviews. One customer reviews that the pillow is firm but very comfortable and reduces neck and back pains and aches. Another negative reviewer argues that the pillow is too hard and firm.
The Stunning Abode ergonomic memory foam is essential in promoting neck and spine alignment and its seems to be doing a good job to achieve that.

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