The growing size and popularity of Likedreviews mean that anyone who is seriously committed to creating a lot of high quality content will be able to earn decent advertising revenue from their work. Yet, with everything there are shortcuts to distinction. Doing really well with Likedreviews is like anything: You should use the right tactics for your desired outcome.  Below we list some of the best ways to boost your revenue and popularity. If you are new, read this article first. It tells you how to make use of our powerful review system:

1. Making the trends: It is no secret that Likedreviews promote content in terms of popularity. The articles and reviews with the highest number of daily views are displayed in the “trending” section, which means that you will attract the most views – and advertising revenue. There are some really good ways of making sure your content is trending:

a) Use Google Adwords to promote your post – this is the quickest way to boost a new post

b) Share your post on Facebook and as many other social media platforms as possible

c) Ask your friends to share your content on their social media pages

d) Do you have a truly awesome review you created? Add it to your email signature strip so all your friends and associates can see it!

2. Attracting a wider audience through diverse, quality content: If you write a 1200 word article, with at least 12 different keywords pertaining to a topic, you will attract far more visitors than a writer who posted a quick 500 word article. Writing an excellent, informative review or article with a wide variety of related information is your key to success.

3. Linking content:

a) Ask for links from external websites:  If you know users from outside the community, ask them to link to your content if they enjoyed reading it.

b) Link to other relevant posts within – it ads credibility to your own post and Google loves it.

4. Create follow-up articles: If you created a review about a hotel in Alicante, write another review about more hotels in the area and link them to each other. A follow up article can help you to attract new readers to both your old and new articles provided that you linked them to each other with a hyperlink.

5. The Viral factor: Content that entertain, educate, inform and delight can easily become viral. People love sharing content if you figured out the right viral factor for your audience.

6. Consistency: Being consistent, by publishing every day, means that your content stay fresh in the minds of your followers. We all have challenging days, but remaining consistent is the key to winning. Be consistent in quality as well as all the other aspects that will delight your audience.

7. Google Alerts: So you have a few favorite topics that you love influencing people about? Go to “Google Alerts”, set up an alert about the topics. Then, each time there is news about the topic, you will receive a notification from Google. You can then add that news, in your own words, to your existing topics. This will help you to attract more new users, as well as to delight your followers.

8. Ask for articles: You may sell featured articles to any corporate client – but remember, you can also contact businesses and offer to post their articles for free if they provide you with a quality piece of journalism. This can be posted under your own editorial profile – and you will earn the advertising revenue for their listing. Remember: just one circular email to your local tourism office could earn you as much as 50 article requests from their members.

The above steps will really make a difference in how influential you become with your audience – and how big your audience itself will become. The difference between earning $1000 per month and $5000 per month from your content is twofold: Firstly, how hard did you work at creating high quality content, but also how methodically did you apply the above steps in order to attract the right visitors to your content.

9. Go extra long: Longtail review writers go in depth with what they do. For example, instead of just writing a basic review about “New York”, consider adding sub-headings such as “crime rates in New York”, “5 great shopping centers in New York” and “Neighborhoods of New York”. These sub-headings and their content will help you to attract a much wider audience from Google. Later, you can even link your original article to follow-up articles to make your content authoritative.

10. Introduce new writers: If you invite your friends to become review writers – and they invite their friends as readers, your articles will make more money. It is an absolute win for everyone in the community when we accept more quality writers.

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