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Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): Water. A colourless fluid which acts as a natural refresher to our thirsty, sweaty, or tired bodies is how most average humans view water as, but how often do we take time to consider the importance of water in our bodies.
Hmm i wonder, well if you’re as curious as I am, why don’t you scroll down this magnificent piece on HOW IMPORTANT WATER IS TO YOUR BODY.
Well for a start, did you know that a man’s body is 60 percent water, and a woman’s is approximately 50 percent. Yes. And more, the human brain is 75 percent water,,Amazing!! What’s more, the
blood which transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, waste products and more is actually 83 percent water.
That’s not all, our bodies must maintain a very specific pH level of 7.4 and pH levels that are less than 6.9 or greater than 7.6 are life threatening and water is a reactant in a very important reaction that maintains pH at 7.4.
More, water is the body’s temperature regulator and the most efficient way is through sweat. Why? Sweat is a way for the body to cool itself down. How?
When we sweat, the sweat evaporates on our skin drawing heat away from the body and cooling us down.
Did you Know?
When water in your body is reduced by just 1 percent, you become thirsty. 5 percent, muscle strength and endurance declines significantly and you become hot and tired. When the loss reaches 10 percent, detirium and blurred vision occur, a 20 percent reduction results in death. There is no more important nutrient for our bodies than water.
Well, in short: water is the most abundant treasure in our lives, so let’s preserve it!!
Which category best describes your review?: biology
How would you rate the topic you reviewed?: 5. Loved it, Excellent
Positives about your review?: This is a way to show people how important water is in our metabolism.
Negatives about your review?:


Name and Surname: Malvika Kancha
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Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max): Panasonic Eluga S
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): I was searching for an Android phone with great features and low price, generally what everyone searches for. I came across Panasonic smartphones, it was recently launched, a little hush-hush launch, therefore unlike other phones of this range had the long process of registering, waiting for the sale to start, the blink and you miss deals which can be quite tedious because I am buying a smartphone and not a tool for a secret mission, this phone caught my eyes and my favor as well.  Now, This company may be new in this category but I must say I was happily surprised by its performance and looks. The device is thin and lightweight, it has a 5-inch display and can easily used single-handedly. Unlike the new smartphone in its category this have capacitive keys, which I find quite reliable when using a full touchscreen phones. However, It has some pros and cons:
Pros- 1. The price (this gets a cookie)
2. Awesome processor, 1.4 GHz octa-core. Great for the 5-inch display.
3. This is for any selfie obsessed individual, as 5 megapixel front camera, the pictures captured are high resolution (can easily compete with any point and shoot camera) and crisp with high contrast.
4. Expandable memory of 32 GB and operating system is Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat).
Now, this may not look much but for a 163 usd device this is absolutely amazing.
Cons- 1. One single con of this phone is the battery life, though 2100 mAh it is still not enough for the huge display.
Overall, This is a great device that will not burn your pocket.
Which category best describes your review?: Technology
How would you rate the topic you reviewed?: 5. Loved it, Excellent
Positives about your review?:
Negatives about your review?:

Time: February 12, 2015 at 2:16 pm
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Name and Surname: Norma Martin
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Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max): Secondlife is a creative place
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): Second Life is one of the most successful 3D virtual worlds on the web that is also free to download. It is a place that evokes extreme emotions in people. Those outside of the world often ridicule it as a place that only attracts wannabe Vikings and Disco Stu’s who can’t handle real life and lack social skills. I however have been astounded by the creativity I have found there. Far from stifling people’s social interaction it can be a platform for people to learn new skills. Often in real life – or RL as it is known to in-world players  – people are restricted by economics, social expectations and education from letting that spark of creativity grow. In second life a Sous Chef can become the builder of a 2,000 years old Egyptian city, a Wages Clerk becomes a celebrated fashion designer or a 60-year-old man with a passion for music becomes a DJ. I have met people who have changed their RL because they have found a new creative outlet in their Secondlife that had been denied to those on the seated side of the screen. The whole point of  SecondLife – for the players – is that you do not have to be restricted to who you are in RealLife. It is your chance, within the virtual bubble, to explore new skills, new worlds and met new people.
Which category best describes your review?: Game review
How would you rate the topic you reviewed?: 5. Loved it, Excellent
Positives about your review?: I got my opinion across
Negatives about your review?: It is a big subject to review

Time: February 12, 2015 at 6:10 pm
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Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max): Married life not always perfect
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): firstly i would like to say married life its not always perfect. We always wondered when we young that we want to have a family and be married but not ever thought that the reasons after that is so, thats why i will tell you what is it that married life required to be. Talking out of experience the most important day of my life was my married day and it was the bomb and the firts night is always WOW. The real married life starts after the honeymoon and to be straight its heaven and hell. Its always about the woman must do this and that but what about the men. I worked full time, is a mom, housewife and everything thats goes with it. When you tired its like a woman can never get tired because its always her job. While men go to work come home and relax with their feet on the table and ask for food but we must realise that its a 50/50% not a 80/20%. I love my husband very much but its always about love its about how you show it to your love one by doing things that they never thought of. Sex is also part of married life but this case we as husband and wife must come together to the party and do what married coupkle must do and dont even forget about the kids they also need attentions so couples be prepared whenever you want to get married and before you get married first know each other ways and be there for one-another no matter what………………… .
Which category best describes your review?: lovelife
How would you rate the topic you reviewed?: 5. Loved it, Excellent
Positives about your review?: learn new ways to treat each other better.
always steal each other hearts by doing something good.
love each other no matter what.
always think positive about planning your life and live it.
Negatives about your review?: woman and men must know when you wrong you wrong.
men dont put everything on woman, moms and wifes.


Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max): Sense and the Senses: Anthropology and the Study of Autism
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): Am I studying autism in order to contribute knowledge to the discipline of anthropology? Or am I using anthropology in order to better understand autism? These two approaches – these two options – are not necessarily mutually exclusive; in fact they have shown over the past couple of years to be quite in concert, at least as far as I was concerned. And yet often, I’m faced with the dilemma of having to present my work as either one or the other. For example, I recently had to decide: should I end my article with “and this is why studying autism offers extremely useful insights to our understanding of human interaction”? Or do I end it with “and this is why anthropology is so indispensable for our understanding of autism”?  (I’m paraphrasing, of course)

Most social anthropologists aren’t faced with a similar dilemma. Someone researching healing practices in Asia, for example, is quite explicitly – as far as I can tell – working to understand (a) the people of Southeast Asia, (b) Healing practices and (c) human behaviour. They would often have different research communities for each of these topics (the latter just being ‘general social anthropology or something to that extent): conferences would be organized, and journals would be published that address each of these concerns. And that would be fine. Natural, even. I don’t recall West Africanists agonizing over their role and aims, wondering if they’re doing one or the other. They’re simply doing both, and that’s what’s expected. So they’re using the accumulated knowledge from anthropology to understand the specific people they’re working with, while at the same time using specific knowledge they acquired about the people they’re studying in order to add to the cumulative anthropological body of knowledge. That’s pretty much how the system is meant to work. No problem.

So why does my case feel a bit different? Well, to be honest, I could simply be wrong about my not sharing this dilemma with others. That is very likely. Or it may just be that I’m biased into thinking that my area of study is so exceptional that it raises exceptional dilemmas, but that in fact, there is no dilemma to speak of. It’s all in my head. Again, that could very well be the case. Yet none of this means that the third option, namely that I am right in feeling that I am in a somewhat unusual position among my colleagues, is necessarily wrong. And I think that perhaps I can explain why my dilemma is, well, if not entirely unique, than at the very least more immediate and present.

Because this is where the difference lies: experts on healing practices in the Philippines are expected to be social anthropologists. It’s quite unlikely that they will be anything else except social anthropologists (well they could be local healers, of course, but that’s a whole different story). And so when a person becomes an expert on healing practices in the Philippines, they’re entering a very well-defined social role; hence the ready-made conference titles, specific journals and so forth. Yes, there would be other experts in the field; cultural psychologists, ethno-botanists, folklorists etc. But the social anthropologist’s position in that particular setting is more or less undisputed. Their authority as experts on healing practices in their locality is grounded in their disciplinary tradition and is pretty much taken for granted.

But when a social anthropologist, such as myself, is studying autism, that’s a whole different matter. And I’m not saying autism is uncharted territory for people of my discipline (it’s not), only that our authority in this area is very far from established. Experts on autism are, traditionally, psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroscientists, geneticists, speech and occupational therapists and educators – and that’s just one brand of experts, namely those coming from the world of academic research.  So when a social anthropologist – and I’m speculating here – makes a claim about autism, it is never merely academic; instead, it is very much political. It is an unapologetic attempt to put one’s foot in the door, into a room already fully occupied by others. It requires him or her to cry out almost explicitly – “I have something to say about autism, and I assert the authority to do so”.  This, as far as I can tell, is quite different than if this same anthropologist was studying healing practices in my country, they would not only be happily invited into the room; they would be the one guarding the door.

So my dilemma is not just an intellectual one. Rather (as is so often the case) it is a social and political one, and has everything to do with the system of academic disciplines. Which group do I consider myself a part of? Am I a social anthropologist? Well then why aren’t I doing fieldwork in Africa, for example (some would ask)? Oh, I’m an autism researcher?  Well then what’s all this business with participant-observation, relationality, and constructivism (some would ask)? Occupying this position of in-betweenness forces me, it would appear, to choose sides. But even if I do chose just one, there would be some explaining to do on my part. And seeing as I actually want to occupy both positions, I need to work all the harder to justify my claims and arguments, positioning them both within the discipline (social anthropology) and within the field (autism research). Which if not an insurmountable challenge, is definitely something that takes some effort.

So… Yeah.
Which category best describes your review?: culture
How would you rate the topic you reviewed?: 3 . OK
Positives about your review?: I like giving personal reviews in order to give flesh and heartbeat to a focal article. My tone of review appeals to the humanistic level. I want to disguise myself as someone who deeply understand the work/article/product etc and not as a grandiose expert reviewing like a lifeless automaton.
Negatives about your review?: The article i reviewed happened to be my ethnographic work as well. Too  much emotions could be damaging too especially if you have neutral readers. Setting the tone is crucial when reviewing thus having an invisible audience sensor on your fingers is a life saver.


Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max): An American Dream: A Review
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): I am currently reading Norman Mailer’s An American Dream. Mailer is a brilliant writer; none can dispute that. My problem with him is that he is difficult to read. He writes a novel as if he were writing an academic thesis; his target audience appears to be scholars and literary critics. I cannot imagine a casual reader enjoying Mailer, as his books are a real effort. Let me explain: his sentences are unnecessarily long and verbose, and he clearly favours a comma over a full stop. Maybe his editors are to blame, but I read a lot of books, I read pretty fast and I am not grammatically challenged. However, each page is taking me forever to read because I have to keep retracing paragraphs and reminding myself of what just happened. I’m not saying Mailer should dumb himself down; if anything, our fast-food culture could benefit from the increased literary production of ‘difficult’ books instead of the countless celebrity autobiographies on display in book shops.  Nor am I saying that I am not enjoying the book. I just think that Mailer could be a little clearer and more concise in some areas, especially in the beginning when the main character Rojack is reminiscing about the war. However, aside from all that, An American Dream (so far) is an intriguing book. Rojack is an incredibly complex character; so complex, in fact, that I can’t decide whether I like him or not. He clearly has a deep and consuming hatred of women, most evident in his relationship with Deborah. It would not be an unforgivable sin to accuse Mailer of misogyny, as his imagery depicting women is crude and offensive; particularly when Rojack calls Ruta a Nazi and many other profanities during their sexual encounter in Deborah’s apartment. As well as this, Deborah, Rojack’s ex-wife, is portrayed as an absolute bitch who has done everything in her power to break down her husband’s spirit and confidence throughout their years of marriage. Mailer has a severe Oedipus compl!
ex, it seems, evident in the subtle allusions to motherhood scattered throughout. There is little wonder why this book was so controversial when it was first published: the scenes with Rojack and Ruta, Deborah’s maid, are sexually explicit to such an extent that I would feel like a teenage boy being caught masturbating if anyone caught me reading it. It is definitely a guilty pleasure; the kind that I have only ever experienced with one other book: Marquis de Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir. All in all, if you can put Mailer’s intellectual elitism aside and don’t mind books which really exercise your brain (if you were a computer, you would be using alot of processing power), then An American Dream might just be the book you need to read.



Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max): Patriots win over the Seahawks at Super Bowl XLIX
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): The recent deflation controversy surrounding the New England Patriots over the Indiana Colts initiated many mixed feelings between sports fans and the NFL. Although the case is still under investigation, the Patriots were allowed to play in the Super Bowl XLIX for which the NFL provided all the footballs to be used in the most anticipated sports event in American history, amassing a crowd of more than 70,000 fans to the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots were both given sufficient time to practice with these footballs before the big game on February 1st 2015.

The Patriots win was most important to Tom Brady, who had not won a Super Bowl in 10 years and was willing to do “whatever it takes” to achieve his goal and this was nothing short from the truth. The Super Bowl XLIX was full of excitement, spectacular performances, creative advertisements, magnificent catches and a high tension brawl.

Undoubtedly, Seahawks put up a good fight having scored the only 10 points in the third quarter and tying at 14 in the first half of the game. In a dramatic finish, the Patriot’s Malcolm Butler intercepted Seattle’s Russel Wilson’s pass in the end zone with less than 30 seconds remaining in the game to secure the New England Patriots fourth Super Bowl title, 28-24. When asked about his spectacular interception, Butler said, “I just had a vision that I was going to make a big play and it came true. I’m just blessed. I can’t explain it right now. It’s crazy”.

Super Bowl’s MVP could hardly contain his excitement as he commented, “It wasn’t the way we drew it up. It was a lot of mental toughness. Our team has had it all year. We never doubted each other, so that’s what it took”.

Trailing by 10 points, 24-14, in the fourth quarter, Tom Brady was the driving success behind the Patriots victory over the Seahawks, having completed eight passes including a 3-yard toss to Edelman, who had already gained nine receptions for his team.

In the final moments, Seattle linebacker, Bruce Irvin, initiated a tussle which involved several players from both teams, subsequently leading to the eviction of Irvin from the game and cementing the beginning of victory celebrations for the New England Patriots.

In addition to the exciting game, Super Bowl fans also experienced some of the most eccentric performances from the Pepsi Halftime Show, nothing short of Katy Perry fashion with a mechanical tiger, dancing sharks, swaying palm trees and Perry flying across the Stadium sky while performing a beautiful rendition of her hit single “Firework”. Perry performed other well known chart toppers such as “Roar”, “Teenage Dream”, “California Girls” and “Dark Horse”. The show included surprise performances with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, who also achieved a great victory at the Super Bowl as her performance boosted sales of merchandise by 2500%.
Which category best describes your review?: Sports
How would you rate the topic you reviewed?: 5. Loved it, Excellent
Positives about your review?: I researched the topic thoroughly before making my review. I enjoyed the work that I put in. This article shows my versatility, since most only talk about fashion, therefore I can cater to all genres.
Negatives about your review?: none.


Enter the title of your first review article (140 characters max):
Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): The articles from the website are based on the learning journey throughout everyone’s life on this earth. The main articles bring out the facts in life and is helpful to all individuals. Take a look at, and it will tell you about things between parent and children, where to look for a job, the healthy diet, one vote difference,etc. It is a free reading blog for anyone and a great place for one to build her website for free that is manage under Google. Further than that, to bring to you more, one can advertise about his website on Google through google+or gumtree,locanto.entireweb,exactseek,etc. The site originates from and is now searchable under the icons of Google log in pages and search engines under and Inside the website of, there is another website link calls the It is a website sets up by The Little Metallic Stand in support to the mentally ill in Singapore. Every 10 dollars earn,1 dollar will be credited to the mentally ill to support their daily expenses. It is a rare site doing charity work through selling of handmade cards and books. The books are special as they are not only portable and small at palm size but laminated as well! The prices of the products in financial-calculation.myshopify
com ranges from $1 to $100, $1 a card with delivery and $100 a book with delivery as well!
The designer for the cards and books won a first place in arts during her secondary school year speech ceremony. The award she won has brought her not only confidence for a better day but also proudness to her family and friends. She is someone marvelous as she not only had won a prize in Art but also a first prize for her Mathematics and Geography. She always remembers that the Mathematics is algebra and geography is giraffes eating containers! That is all thanks to her teachers passing her the valuable knowledge. She still remembers the humor her teachers shared with her and she sincerely thanks for her teachers’ great effort!
Come again, the author or developer for the website is the designer for and the name for the author cum developer cum designer is Carol Ng Lin Joo.
Carol Ng Lin Joo likes to write about herself, technical stuff, cooking recipes, veggies advices, short stories and love. She also touch a bit on the everybody’s know-how God’s story in the modern city today. She recalls from the ancient times and she loves singing. Singing may not be her career as it requires lots of stamina and stamina training. She is someone who sings freely and beautiful words just came out from her. She sings about God. She sings about love. She sings about spiritual healing. Basically, her songs can just cheer you up with her every now and then little surprises! Her friends loves her singing and her family supports her in singing and even wants her to take part in singing contests! God knows her and instinctly she knows herself too.
Carol does not comes from a well to do family. The family she lives in is always constantly quarreling and she hates that. Comforting words were past down from her to the family but it just didn’t work to console the family. Sometimes she gave up and sometimes she don’t.She has a busy schedule and she needs her family most. Everyday she is looking for job and her emotions and sleepiness cannot really bring her to work. She needs a lot of family support and she finds home based job like writing books and online publishing the best.
To show you some of her works,she random picks up a title: Television, is there a need?
(Television, not only a Tele but also a vision,why should we throw,it away?
Why not you just say it could not be eaten up?
Don’t you know that someone gots a telepathy illness?
I think they are all good after all though we have the plasmas now.
And yes why are plasmas, a kind of TV set gets so expensive nowadays? What to look out for when selecting a TV plasma set?
I heard plasma has much clearer output.
What nonsense are you telling me?!
And yes, what are you talking about the telepathy?
Oh its a girl suffering from telepathy who came from the ancient past trapping in the ancient hell for millions of years. She is downright pure and the modern city today has once killed her almost instantly because she telepathy with the whole wide world.
Wow! Great story! Tell me more next time. Now, quick, go turn on the TV, news coming soon.
Plane crashes,boats sinks,earthquakes here and there,tsunami and typhoon, all these bring attention to not going overseas and stay indoors. And yes, in times of staying indoors due to the facts that one is sick or lazy or having a busy schedule, one can simply turn on the TV for a speedy news to spice up the whole day. So after all its good,just the telepathy girl’s luck.
Another short story titled You and Me, the manicurists.
One fine day, the shop opens its first day sale in the crowded shopping mall. But just no one turns up to visit the store, other than the customers from the appointment made with Cats. There are only 2 appointments and 2 workers. 1 a veteran and another a trainee. The shop just closed down at the end of the day with the trainee asking the veteran, can you do nails in me so that I can see how you do nails for yourself? The veteran says the Cats will close down without you,in a minute I show you,just lay down straight and I eat you! Meow!!!

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