Foreword by Hilary Pearson

My father was dying and my first daughter just born. Traveling up from

London to make our last visit, watching my daughter as she slept, I glanced

out of the window to see a white horse streaming across a field: in that

moment I was the horse and the horse was me – life and death, grief and

joy, everything contained in a split second.

At that time I had the good fortune to be working with Michal Levin. I had

just started on an inner journey that has lasted 21 years now and continues

to take me further and deeper than I could ever have imagined. The years

have been filled with extraordinary experiences, as well as countless

moments and interactions that have shown me how much growth there can

be in the everyday.

Michal’s teaching and wisdom has enabled me to notice, to embrace and to

integrate my life experiences rather than burying potential wounds and

missing out on ever present joy.

In the years that followed my original connection with Michal, I attended as

many seminars and retreats as I could and learned Michal’s own LEAP (Life

Energy Activation Process) meditation practice, which gave me the

grounding and experience to gain even more from the wide ranging

seminars. As a group we dived in, often at the deep end, often not knowing

anything about where we were going but trusting in Michal’s leadership –

her generous wisdom and constant protection as we explored the

unknown. I am reminded of Ernest Shackleton’s unfailing support of his

group as he led them through uncharted physical realms to the North Pole,

bringing back new knowledge to the world: Michal has led us with equal, if

not more, dedication and love into the depths of the non-physical realms,

for the benefit of all.

Now at last this work has been charted in a way that it can begin to be

offered to all, in the form of an online course. Step One is the start of a

personal exploration of energy; an opportunity to explore and experience

that which is the very basis of life, that which underpins who we really are

and how we exist in the world today – regardless of race, religion, position –

as truly human beings.

Hilary Pearson, Medical Secretary

Relevant books: “My lesson is love: in the marriage of the dense and fine, the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine.”

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