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ISBN: 978-0451532084

Louisa May Alcott has become a beloved storyteller to young girls and women of all ages with Little Women, the story of a family of young women struggling to make it through life during the war.


Love in a Time of War

A family of women living alone begins this story but they are not completely alone at all. These women have a father who is currently fighting in a war overseas and though they once were very rich they now live rather simple lives. Not ones to begrudge what they do not have all of the ‘little women’ are happy to work throughout their days and keep their home happy for each other and for their father whenever he shall return from the war. Each of the girls will make changes throughout their lives and will live very interesting ones as the years go on.


A household of women can never stay the same forever as eventually those little women need to grow up to become wives and mothers of their own. This story follows the trails of each of the four daughters of the March family as they grow from their teen years and their childhoods into full-fledged women who are not only capable of having their own households but actually do as well. Sweet Meg will marry a man who is everything she could ever hope for while boyish Jo is determined never to marry at all.


Young Amy has her heart set on marrying a rich man and living in a large palace but also of being a famous artist and possibly more. Little Beth is happy only to make home a happy place for everyone who should chance to visit and she does everything in her power to make that come true. All four will manage to make their dreams come true though not everyone will manage it in the way that they expect to. It’s going to be a long period of years to get these young girls ready for the lives they must lead away from their mother and father.


This story is one of love and romance but not just the love of a man and woman. Instead, this is about the love of a family for each other and the things that family will do to save and protect one another. After all, a truly happy and loving family is, above all else, there for one another. For a family with four daughters who are becoming ready to leave the nest and advance on their own, it’s more important than ever to have a strong support system of parents who are encouraging and loving to the end. These Little Women are fulfilling their life’s dreams.


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