Oxford University stands as the most respected institution in the world. Their medical science courses offered are widely respected and most have envied the way it is passed down to students.


There is nothing to take from the quality of courses offered in the University since most people have studied here and done well in their medicine careers.

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Final thoughts:

The medical science courses offered in Oxford University are the best around the world and anyone interested in acquiring the knowledge is well advised.

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Oxford University; a world-class institution

Medicine at Oxford University

Oxford University’s medical course

A few months back; I took you on an educative journey to the University of Oxford that happens to be a world-class university. The school offers a variety of courses both undergraduate and postgraduate. The courses offered in this excellent school are high-class and equip the students with the necessary knowledge required to face any challenges that face them in real life situation. The primary objective of the college is to produce competent graduates and eradicate production of ‘educated fools’. The University does an excellent job to equip its students with the theoretical information required to complete the course and also strives to produce reliable people with the capability to withstand harsh working conditions. The University gives the student efficient leadership training on how to become excellent leaders and equips them with the right skills that enable them to make the right decisions as a leader.

Oxford University offers its students a wide range of courses, but for today, let us look at a course that many of us would desperately want to pursue. This course brings out the best in you and gives you a chance to serve the community and not just the community but the sick and the suffering selflessly. The course gives you a reason to walk around wearing a smile on your face knowing that you saved a life or two at the end of a day. This course is the most admirable course in the caring career. Ok, enough with the suspense; this course that has significantly caught my attention and passion happens to be medicine. This profession is among the few professions that I idolize and I have respect for the respective professionals.

Medical Science in Oxford university

Let’s go back to my paradise and examine the kind of medicine education offered by the university. The school is ranked number one for medicine in the world. Admission to the University is very competitive and mostly admits the A-levels grades.  These A-grades exclude subjects such as general studies and critical thinking. The candidates are required to have full A-level grades in Chemistry and Biology by a third subject that can either be Mathematics or Physics. The candidates also need Advanced Higher to get a chance of joining the university. The student should complete the Highers in one academic year that include biology, chemistry and mathematics or physics alongside the Highers that should have a score of AAAAA. Armed with these qualifications, you can get to achieve what some of us never did; an admission into a world-class university.

Medical science in Oxford University

Oxford University’s medical science

The undergraduate course in medicine in Oxford University lasts a period of six years, after which the school rewards the candidates a BA and Bch degrees. The medicine course has two phases that are separate entities but serve the same purpose of preparing the students throughout their medical career. These phases are pre-clinical taken for the first three years and clinical sections that take the remaining four to six years. The students first gain adequate basic knowledge and background in medical science before they apply that scientific information in a clinical foundation.  This pre-clinical part of the course if offered the first three years and equips the students with the basics and knowledge that is necessary to start the clinical medicine. This part of the course enables the learner to make their contribution to the clinical medicine. These first three years leads to a BA Honours degree in medical science. Years four to six consists of the clinical component of the medicine course. Completion of these years leads to a reward in BM and Bch degree.

Most of the teaching for the first three years is done in the medical school by the means of lectures, seminars and practical. The best and most significant feature of the medical course is the tutorial classes. The tutorials occur in small college groups with tutors who mainly practice clinicians. These instructors help students to understand their course work better and also teach the students how to defend their opinion efficiently to the point of convincing others. The examinations for pre-clinical stage come in different varieties ranging from written and computer-based tests, submitting practical reports and extended essay as well as well as a research project. After the students complete their project, they qualify for a BA degree graduation. The project submitted should be of high-quality and should be first-hand data that does not match anything in the database.

From the year’s four to six, most of the teaching takes place in the hospitals. The Oxford University Hospitals act as referral a centre for special treatment and provide a local service as well. The course emphasizes on becoming competent in searching and evaluating information. During the last six months, the students get to pursue their electives, and they start preparing for Oxford University Hospital as a foundation year one doctor.

The medical school in Oxford is small and gives students and lecturers a chance to socialize and get to familiarize with each other. The medical school holds career sessions for the final year clinical students during which students are introduced to foundation house officer posts and encouraged to apply for them. These posts give the students a chance to work with the laboratory as well as the lecture theatre. The students can opt to vie for positions such as the leaders of doctor’s organizations worldwide as well as enable the graduates to work and direct biomedical research institution.

Once the students graduate with their BM or Bch, they are typical doctors and the University has open doors for students who are willing to further their medical career. The school of medicine has a final Honor in medical science that takes the duration of six to nine years.  The jobs offered in this category include principles of clinical anatomy, molecular science, neuroscience, cellular physiology and cardiovascular.  This list highlights some of the fields under which the students can advance their education, but it is not the complete list just a part of the areas offered to students.

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