A review of the best in music as taught in Oxford University. Get only the best.


Unless you are far away from Oxford and there is an absolute impossibility of getting there, then I see no excuse for not joining them.

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The best musical course you can find in the worl is taught at Oxford University.

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Are you going through a hard time deciding on your future or that of your son or daughter? Then if you lie in this category, there is one thing you need to know before making any major decision that will leave a scar into your lives. There is one important thing that many people often forget when deciding their future. Tomorrow and your future career is all about your passion. The successes into our lives all depend on how passionate you are in the course you are in. for example, if I placed you in a career such as medicine, and you lacked the passion, it would be worse than asking you to dine with the devil. It would be very challenging and yet there are very many people among us who are in love with the profession and manage to be the best doctors among us. So, what am trying to tell you is follow your passion regardless of what other people think about your career profession. In this lifetime, not all of us can be engineers; otherwise, nobody would be there to treat the fallen engineers.

We need to represent every category in our society. And to place more emphasis to my topic today am addressing a group of people who keep the society going in such a fascinating way that we can’t go for a day without their motivation. Can you imagine leaving in a society where music never existed? It would be the same as asking you to go without your favorite meal for even a day. Therefore, it is our obligation as friends and parents to motivate those people in our lives who are talented in this profession. As a parent, regardless of the big dreams and plans you had in store for your loved one, it is crucial that you put into consideration their passion before making any major decisions in their lives. What you might be unaware of is that you might be hosting the next Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj in your premises without your knowledge. So let’s put our hands together and decide together the kind of music we are going to play in our Radios tomorrow. The best way we can do this is by providing these musically talented fellows a chance to further their dreams and give them the most effective music education.

Music in Oxford University

Music at Oxford

Music class at Oxford University

There exists one institution amongst us that has the ability of taking the nature of our music to the next level. A university whose reputation precedes it and that has the ability of creating the next celebrity from you or your loved one. Now talk of my dream university coming in full package and containing everything everybody desires at their disposal. I tell you my learned friend; Oxford University is the place to be to make a permanent change in your life. Together with the highly-skilled tutors the music facilities will surely make you someone way beyond our wildest imagination. I will in detail elaborate the nature and requirements of a music career in Oxford University.

Music has been available in Oxford University for over 800 years. The university has consequently produced 30 academic staff with scholars who have a distinct reputation as composers, musicologists, as well as performers. The university takes certain steps to help its students grow their talent. All the students enjoy performance as well as composition workshops in the premises as well as performance in their college life’s such as chapels, ensembles, bands as well as stage performances. The university also organizes numerous motivational speakers and professional performance ensembles.

This faculty’s buildings constitute electronic music, practice rooms, and recording studios accompanied by the best music library among all British Universities. The university contains the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments that is famous worldwide and lends musical instruments to the faculty’s students. The course is broad but students get to specialize as they advance. Apart from being spectaculars musicians, the candidates have a chance to specialize in other musical areas such as history as well as analysis. The music graduates end up in the following areas and destinations; art, performance, teaching, broadcasting, publishing, politics, and law. so you see as I earlier told you taking your daughter or son or pursuing a degree in Oxford University does not only promote your musical talent but opens up other wider opportunities for you to indulge in alongside being a celebrity. For the students who develop a performance passion in the course of their musical study, they can further their studies in the conservatoires in the UK and abroad.

The graduates also get a chance to go for a further master’s degree in musicology as well as a PhD in the same faculty as well. The University requirement for the applicants in the profession includes A-levels, as well as Advanced Higher or Higher Level in IB or another specialty. Another basic necessity is a keyboard ability of ABRSM Grade V or any other level above this.

The total fee per annum comprise tuition and college fee. The living costs in Oxford are fairly affordable and the world-class resources in the premises significantly lower the rate of living. The UK government gives a full loan to all undergraduates to cover up for their tuition fee. Currently, the university is offering students from poor backgrounds a generous bursary in history to help them clear up their accumulated fees. The overseas students also have a special form of support for them that differ from the rest of the UK. The students have an opportunity to choose instrumental of voice tuition and pay up the cost although the music faculty gives them a full refund costs at the end of the term.

After joining the university, your study timetable for the four years will comprise of the following sections four to six lectures a week that include

  • Numerous tutorials in college
  • workshops, practice, and rehearsals
  • time for independent study in the summer

The first year courses

They include a total of six subjects with one of them being optional and the compulsory ones include;

  • Special topics such as Machaut’s songs, Schubert’s last decade, Historically informed performance as well as psychology of everyday musical experience and global hip hop.
  • musical analysis
  • Composition techniques as well as keyboard skills.

The optional subjects include;

  • extended essay
  • performance
  • composition
  • issues in music study

The course assessment involves three sitting papers with one take-away paper, a practical examination accompanied by a composition or an essay.

The second year and third year course outline involve eight subjects with six of them being chosen from the options offered by the institution. The two compulsory subjects are;

  • topics in history of music after the 1700
  • topics in history of music before the 1750

the optional topics covered in the curriculum are;

  • solo performance
  • musical analysis and criticism
  • composition techniques
  • musical thoughts and composition
  • choral conducting
  • analysis portfolio
  • dissertation
  • music ethnography
  • choral conducting

The music department recently introduced some special papers such as music perception, lieder, dance music, women composers, music in Scandinavia, and music and society in England.

Therefore, as you can see, Oxford is the place to be to grow your music career while at the same time growing other potentials such performance. So make a point of booking yourself a flight to go and get an opportunity to live life beyond your wildest fantasies.

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