The lifestyle around most global academic institutions is one thing that most times goes without mention. Oxford university has a rich heritage that should convince anyone with dreams of joining the university.


There are a number of things to learn and enjoy basically when you are in the university. Shame though if you are not familiar and are not looking to go there anytime soon!

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The University has a very diversified culture for anyone around the world to enjoy. We all want to to go to a place that is welcoming and above all a place full of knowledge.

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Today am having a conflict of ideas. Am torn between two forces and I don’t know the one to write about first. Should I talk about a certain course that many people are unaware of its existence in the as I like to call it world class university or should I take this opportunity to take you way back to behind the walls of Oxford University. And by so doing, I will take you way beyond the four walls of a classroom to another side of Oxford that you totally know nothing about. Or should I expound a certain career field that most of you never thought was offered in Oxford. Ok, I think I will settle for lifestyle in Oxford University.

The 5 minute on-time feature

Christ Church College bell tower

Christ Church College bell tower

The most unique and prolific feature about Oxford university is one of the pleasant quarks that has remained for centuries. After the Greenwich Mean Time became standard in the 19th century, oxford remained behind the capital for 300 seconds. Consequently, at 21:00 Oxford Time that coincides with the   21:05 GMT time, the bells of Christ Church College rings 101 times and remains silent till the following day; in other words, if you are that person who is always five minutes late to an event, worry not anymore, all you need to do is book a ticket to Oxford University, because here, when you arrive five minutes later, you’re actually right on time for your class.

The Oxford Societies

Oxford clubs

Oxford society members

The University has over 200 registered clubs that will definitely meet your standards, requirements, and interests as well. The clubs are classified under political, arts, entertainment, religion, charity, culture or language that will definitely meet your requirements. A promiscuous example of these clubs is the Oxford Union that turns out to be the world’s most prestigious debating society. The Oxford Entrepreneurs also has a record for being the largest entrepreneur society in the United Kingdom. The Oriel College in the University holds the ’24 Hour play’ that involves coming up with a play and perform it after its title is announced. in order to be on the know, you need to get in touch with the Oxford Newcomers Club that is run by volunteers and reveals all information about the university trending activities as well as the available social activities. The club is located on the University Club along the Mansfield Road and will help you and your partner if you want to settle in the premises.

Newcomers’ Club

Members of Newcomers' Club

Members of Newcomers’ Club

The club has numerous open activities including providing you with free coffee every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am. The club also holds organized trips to prolific institutions such as the Bodleian Library, Ashmolean Museum and other colleges as well. to stay on the know, and capture all the opportunities presented by the Oxford Newcomers Club, keep a keen eye on the Oxford Student a weekly paper that provides you with adequate information as well as Cherwell, that is the university’s independent newspaper. The England’s longest-running student newspaper that happens to be the Isis is also another way you can get in touch with the university activities on a long-term basis as it appears once in an academic term. I don’t know if it is just me or is it true that Oxford has a legacy with most of the most promiscuous features in England as well as the world at large located in the university. But I think it is true because Oxford has very many unique features that will surely capture your attention at keep you going in the course of your studies in it.

Academic dress

Academic dress at Oxford University

Students at Oxford wearing the academic dress

Now this is the one thing I love about Oxford that fascinates me in unimaginable ways. There is a vocabulary in Oxford known as Academic dress. Yes I mean an Academic dress code. It is interesting right. This academic dress is not like any other found in other campuses that attempt to meet the international university. This university dress dates back to the 1636; ok, let me elaborate something about this era, it is an era that many individuals refer to it as the medieval era. During this period of time, people walked around wearing gowns and caps. This mode of dressing will give you an experience that will take you back to the medieval era. This feature is one awesome way the university segregates itself from the entire world. As I previously elaborated, this university happens to be among the oldest in the world with its exact date of foundation unknown up to date. As a result, the university decided to retain the dress code that was common during its foundation.

 The dressing code comprises of a gown and a cap with a mortarboard as an option for women and subfusc worn underneath the dress. Since the university consists of different levels of learners, ranging from undergraduates to Doctorates, there exist other dress options, depending on your academic level. The doctoral graduates have a variety of options including a velvet bonnet. The graduates wear hoods to various events while the latter is retained for undergraduates. These gowns are worn by the respective students to differentiate them from one another in special occasions including their graduation.

There exists another ornament that is a tradition in the university; the students wear a carnation during their examination. The color of the flower changes depending on the closeness of the students to the final exam, and the color of these flowers symbolize the blood bled by scholars onto the examination paper.

I cannot leave you without telling you of a certain college in Oxford University you will never ever have a chance to go to. This idea sounds ridiculous but is true in each and every sense. There exists a huge, white medieval fortress that is located on one side of Radcliffe square. This fortress is entirely separated from the rest of the colleges by 30-foot walls that perfectly demarcate the onset of an entirely different world inside the walls. There exists a huge pristine silence with a huge iron gate locking the walls of the gate together. Inside the fortress, the grass is in a perfect condition and no one walks on it. The lawn is flawlessly trimmed and mowed and is kept at a perfect condition at all times. This medieval fortress is known as All Souls and dates its origin back to the 1400. This college is the most unique and mysterious institution that has ever existed in the university. The details of this college are fascinating and very interesting. However, there exists a minuscule opportunity for you to set a foot into this premise. The details, the requirements, and all other juicy details will be coming soon, so sit back and relax and let your imagination take the better part of you. I will be back to answer all questions and clear up all your doubts in our next encounter.

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