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This is the oldest university in the English world with teaching going as back as 1906, but the exact foundation date is unknown. It is a research institution which is strategically located in the north-east realm of London, situated in such a way that it has super links to the capital as well as the country as a whole. It is the oldest university in England, and on international levels, it is the second oldest university that still exists up to date. It has both university and college facilities with a total of 38 independent colleges. Each of these colleges is self-contained and has its own departments and administration. It lacks a main campus and has its buildings and amenities spread all over the municipal city. Consequently, most of its facilities are reachable with a bike or on foot. The university has a population of 40000 which includes Oxford and Oxford Brookes students. The current vice-chancellor is Andrew Hamilton who heads the university. There are other pro-vice-chancellors with given responsibilities which include: planning and resources, personal and equal opportunities, education, research, development and external affairs.
On a personal level, the University of Oxford would have been my overseas choice of university to partake my undergraduate course but the entry standards beat me. This is so as A-level subjects are compulsory in applying for science. Almost all subjects oblige its applicants to sit a written assessment or present written work. Being in a world-class university would have come with its own advantages; this would mean that I would get to use the best research facilities ever to exist in the English country. This is because Oxford has the premier research revenue from peripheral sponsors that beats any other university in the United Kingdom. The university would also offer part-time jobs after getting approval from the tutors which means I would get to study as I earn which is something rare to get from most universities.
Some other promiscuous features in the university include; Oxford runs the prime university press worldwide, it has the best undergraduate teaching procedures with excellent tutors visiting the colleges on a weekly basis. These tutors are experts and in most cases are world class leaders. They help students develop skills such as; analytical and critical problem-solving skills, leadership skills as well as enhance student’s communication and writing skills.

University of Oxford offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for their graduate students such as the Clarendon scholarship which was commenced in 2001 and is mainly funded by the Oxford University press, the Rhodes scholarship which is frequently referred as the world’s most esteemed scholarship; and the newly founded Weidenfield scholarship which are accessible to all graduates from any ethnic background. Oxford offers the best bursary scheme among all other universities in England; it also provides financial support including funds for all its students.

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Students at Oxford University

To back up my idea that Oxford is the best university, here is a list of prominent alumnus of the university; 26 prime ministers e.g. David Cameron, 26 Nobel Prize winners, 30 intercontinental leaders counting Bill Clinton, scientists such as Steven Hawking, actors and many other famous people. When in the university, it feels like home away from home and there is no Particular time you’re going to feel out of place. Been the country’s citizen or an overseas student, Oxford has all races and nationalities mixed up, such that all students are well taken care of and well represented. Its population consists of 62% home and 38% overseas for all students. It also has both sexes fairly mixed up with 55% been male and 45% female.
The university has a number of prolific features. The idyllic buildings include; Sheldonian Theatre- which is used for hosting concerts, university ceremonies and act as lecture halls; the University Church of St. Mary the virgin, that previously held ceremonies. The Examination schools, where examinations take place and some lectures are conducted as well. Christ church cathedral which is both the university chapel as well as a place of worship. The castle mill which is student flats. It has the largest library in the UK, the Bodleian group, which is a legal entity and hence gets a free copy of all books published in the UK. The Ashmolean Museum that is world’s oldest university museum that is open to public view. It holds significant works of art and archaeology such as Picasso and treasures such as Scorpion Macehead. The university parks provide gardens for exotic plants, sports fields and a genetic garden. The Botanic Garden is the oldest in England and comprises over 8,000 different species of plants.
Students with disability are viewed on the same academic level as the others. When a disabled student sends out his or her application to join the university, the university takes the right measures and adjustments to cater for their special needs within the university Premises. All the students get an opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with a professional career advisor, and get adequate advice on career choosing. Since the university is a federation, with 38 different colleges, each has its own library with many copies of the most popular books. This helps reduce commotion in the main library. There are IT facilities distributed among all departments and colleges with most of them having; network access as Wi-Fi, computer laboratories and computing support. There is a language centre available to all students and is used for; computerized learning and as visual and discussion rooms.
The Oxford University Student Union represents the students and fights for issues affecting them. They also offer entertainment with night clubs and avail services such as free advice to the students. The university possesses some of the best sporting facilities in its sporting sector which include; a gym and swimming pool among others. The colleges also have their own sports facilities. The university has 50 Olympic gold-medal winners who are alumnus of the university like Sir Matthew Pinsent. The American footballer Myron Rolle an NFL player is an alumni of the university.

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