here is a wide range of Lego-themed rides, attractions, and activities for different children to enjoy.
- Those who are young at heart will feel like children too and have lots of fun.
- The theme park is very spacious and there are no queues at all during weekdays in off-peak seasons.


Those looking for scary, thrilling rides designed for adults and the "brave souls" will not find any here.

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Have you ever stepped into a paradise made for children and felt as if you’ve been brought back in time to your own childhood days? Legoland Malaysia Resort, an international theme park in Johor Bahru, is one such place.

The moment I laid eyes on the impressive entrance of Legoland Theme Park in Malaysia, my heart skipped a beat in excitement and my mind was suddenly filled with my own childhood memories of playing with Lego toys.

My 3-year-old son didn’t look as thrilled at first, but couldn’t contain his joy once he got to explore the different attractions inside. The park is divided into 7 sections: The Beginning, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Land of Adventure, Lego City, and Miniland. From tinkering with various Lego pieces to create towers and cars to riding the Lego-inspired rides for kids, children and the young at heart will certainly feel as if they have been thrown into a massive playground where the fun possibilities are endless!

Exciting Themed Playgrounds

As you go exploring in this theme park, you’ll discover not just one playground but several. Each one is themed according to the section where it is located, with much more than just the classic slide, seesaw, and swing sets to keep the kids jumping with joy.

In the Lego Kingdoms section, for instance, young and old children will definitely enjoy the adventure of climbing ropes, crossing bridges, and more in The Forestmen’s Hideout. Meanwhile, the DUPLO Playtown in Imagination will keep toddlers busy as they get to try out the slides, zip through the mazes, and ride the DUPLO Express. Another play area worth mentioning is Pharaoh’s Revenge situated within the Land of Adventure. It’s designed for active kids who will certainly relish moving through tubes, going up and down ladders, and shooting balls at a target.

Delightful 4D Lego Movie Experience

Do your children love watching fun-filled, action-packed movies? Well, here’s a great chance for them to view an entertaining Lego movie, complete with 4D effects such as water being squirted onto the audience and a strong wind blowing inside the theater. Here you get to wear the usual 3D glasses as well, in order to truly feel as if you’re actually part of the movie! It’s an amazing experience for people of all ages.

Totally Cool Junior Driving School

Here’s something totally cool and unique— the Junior Driving School! Designed for children aged 3 to 5 years old, it boasts of an oval track where each kid gets to drive a car on his or her own without any adult supervision! Now this is something they will definitely appreciate, providing them with that sense of achievement and feeling of independence.

Don’t worry. The cars are very easy to run and maneuver, and there are also enough in-house assistants to guide the junior drivers and ensure safety. What’s more, you can avail of a genuine-looking Legoland Malaysia driving license for your child for an additional fee.

Thrilling Children’s Rides

There’s a wide range of children’s rides, both indoor and open, that cater to various interests of kids. For those who love roller coasters, they can try out the Dragon’s Apprentice. Those who wish to feel like knights in galloping horses, they can try out the Royal Joust. Both of these rides are located in Lego Kingdoms.

Moving things always fascinate kids. This is why you shouldn’t miss letting them get onto the LEGOLAND Express which will take them around the Miniland. As you move along, point out the famous world-renowned sights done in Lego pieces, such as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal of India, and the Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia. Furthermore, the Boating School and Merlin’s Challenge are also worth riding for the entire family. In addition, don’t forget to go on the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride where you get to shoot at various targets with a laser blaster and even see the points you’ve garnered!

The above-mentioned attractions are the ones worth mentioning when it comes to the enjoyment of kids and the young at heart. There are many other activities that children and adults alike may engage in throughout their stay here in Legoland. However, those in search of scarier and more thrilling rides made for adventure-seeking adults will not find any here.

Another good thing is that we went there on a weekday during the off-peak season, allowing us to explore the spacious park and indulge in all the wonderful attractions. Seeing my son smiling like crazy, all sweaty and happy, makes the visit greatly worthwhile!

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