With Dr Drum Beat Maker, the making of musical beats has been greatly improved. Most importantly, the software is easy to access. Once you have been able to download the software ready to make your beats, you will have a full access to a beat creation platform hence avoiding time wastage when going to a physical studio.

The possibility of importing personal sounds and including them in DR Drum beat maker makes this software a great music tool. If you have sounds created from hardware, you can easily import them in.

The Drum beat maker has very many quality and professional sounds including those from saxophones, various drums, strings and piano. With the many different styles of drums, you can easily compose your own beats. They can also be edited easily on a 12-pad kit on the user-friendly interface.

This software has made it possible to create your own beats since it provides you with you video tutorials giving you guidance on how to start using the program and how to develop your individual beats.

The beat recorded can be saved in the 44.1 stereo 16bit PCM .WAV format commonly used by music professionals other than the common MP3 formats.


With the Dr Drum Beat Maker, you will not be able to have very clear measurements differentiating the isolated columns where different sounds were placed. Again, sounds dropped into the interface may not be easily undone. Therefore, you may accidentally erase a drum set that was not supposed to be deleted.

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Dr Drum Beat Maker is indeed a useful musical beat maker that makes it possible for anyone to use it with ease. The only important thing is to have an idea of the kind of sound you want. With the many drums options available, it is easy to compose a beat that best suits your desires.

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Dr Drum Beat Maker is a professional software used for making musical beats of various kinds such as Hip Hop sounds, R&B, Punk, Rap, Grunge, Jazz and urban tracks among many others of your choice. Using a 4 octave keyboard embedded in the software, the user can comfortably create customized beats.

This music beats building software is particularly designed to spontaneously enable the user produce high quality beats in WAV format in the studio. The Dr Drum Beat Maker can work on both MAC and PC and can be downloaded at drdrum.com. The software can work on each of the operating system versions.

Dr Drum Beat Maker helps you to freely configure beats of your own choice for the kind of music you want.  It is not too technical neither is it complicated to understand its basic and advanced functions. With the samples provided on the software, you can easily get on track to make your own beat.

Dr Drum Beat Maker comes with very useful features that make the creation of great beats possible. This beat producing software is loaded with all that is required to begin making pounding beats with professional sounds skits for bass, drums and keys. Most importantly, the software has an enhanced feature that gives the user a capability to introduce more of these as he or she may please.

This music beat making software is also packed with a 16 track sequencer. The sequencer makes it possible for the user to execute the following functions:
•       Make a full recording of 44.1 stereo 16 bit PCM .wav format
•       Learn to make use of the whole program in just a matter of minutes aided by the video tutorials
•       Scan crucial sounds for a given note or part of the music and then be able to restructure it in all of the 4 octaves
•       Change resonance and beat frequency
•       Mix the music beats volume on different individual channels
•       Move sound round and about with one click

The beat maker is loaded with all these features to make it possible for the user to enhance creativity and innovation. When ready, you will get all the information you need for Dr Drum Beat Maker.

The drum beat maker is among several other programs that do a similar job. However, it is something you would want to try it to give you a thrilling experience. While it may not be a complete replacement to the physical instruments out there, it is a great tool that can supplement them.

This music beat creator is affordable and can easily be used by anybody with a musical ear. Its interface is easy to use and further provides great samples and a wav format that is widely accepted amongst many music professionals.


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