Generating leads from twitter improves your business presence and customer base


Not everyone prefers it as a useful tool in marketing.

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With the ever-changing technology and soaring use of the internet, modern marketing has taken on a whole new form. Nearly everyone owns a twitter account, but the task of reaching for more followers can be a daunting task. Some might be worried of few retweets and replies their tweets receive despite having more followers. However, the all inclusive illusion is all about image and how you voice your ideas across.

We have made no secret exposing the real for soaring traffic to your twitter account, but also a real solution to help your twitter account generate leads. Follow these top 5 incisive strategies certain of helping you and your business:

  1. Get first hand information from your followers

Your customers will end up following your company’s page on Twitter, so you can use it to your advantage by asking your customers what they want and what they would like improved. It is usually difficult and expensive to find out what your customers tastes and preferences are, this simplifies everything and gets you more leads.

  1. Do something with the information obtained, solve the problem

Your customers might be many, but they are never enough. So you want to generate leads by obtaining information from your customers on their preferences and then using this information to improve your product. You’ll be surprised when you notice your customer base and Twitter followers have increased.

  1. Provide consumer education

People like to remain in the know about matters that concern them, so give it to them. Let them know more about your product and why they should remain loyal customers. Allow them to exercise their rights; you will generate lots of leads.

  1. Use landing pages

Such a page should have no distractions for people who visit your Twitter page. That means no menus for navigation and other such things. Your page visitors should be able to read your page’s content, watch the videos or view the pictures and love the products your business has to offer. This is a sure way to generate some leads.

  1. Get personal with your followers, use e-mail marketing and set up your campaign

Get your customers telephone numbers and e-mail addresses plus any other necessary information that you will need to contact them. There’s nothing a customer loves more than to get personalized attention. You will use this information to make use of an auto-responder that will help you to advertise and campaign for your product via e-mail. You can use this to send personalized e-mails and text messages to your followers whenever you have new products or exciting additions to your existing products. This method is highly effective as you will be able to reach every customer individually. It is a smart way of generating leads from Twitter.


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