we borrow ancient architectural methods such as the house facing east since its known to bring enlightenment, affluence and fulfillment


Not so much of its applicability has worked over the years.

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Today the quest for a deep refreshing nourishing life is as important as it was thousands of years ago. Humans are complex, intriguing and intelligent beings. The pursuit of happiness and love are essential to our human design and nature.  The complexities of life have made it quite challenging to have peace of mind we want. A Vedic home will help you to promote peace well being and tranquility for yourself as well as your family.

The concept of World’s best practice architecture

In any discipline there must be guidelines that govern a certain profession or industry. A set of rules or standards that all industry players must comply with, in order to get accreditation as well as recognition. The best practices in architectures extend to homes, property, rental structures and buildings that are in line with internationally accredited benchmarks. This refers to the construction of structures which must be in harmony with natural law. The balanced progress of scientific and ancient Vedic science of consciousness. The world’s best practices provide excellent approaches in the way buildings are built, materials and the whole setup.


Your home should be designed for comfort, security, practicality and positivity. The intelligence of nature should incorporate the evolution of the mind. It should also bring out the best in you and your family enhancing positive consciousness. The home should be designed to offer the owner of the domicile greater wealth, wisdom as well as prolonged life. The architectural design should create an environment that promotes peace of mind, keeping the occupants energized and happier during the day at the same time reducing fatigue and stress. They should promote prosperity, victory over adversaries and longevity.

Architecture should be designed for a greater purpose. It should be in line with according to the solar, lunar and planetary influences on the earth. Not to be left behind should be the architectural reference to the Equator, North and South poles. The architectural design should also bridge the gap between individual life with cosmic life. It should as well as connect individual intelligence with Cosmic Intelligence.

How Vedic Structures Achieve this.

Building Orientation

East facing houses allow sunlight and fresh air to pass through the home, promoting a favorable dwelling environment. Maharishi Sthapatya Veda  homes facing East accrue benefits of enlightment, affluence, fulfillment and prosperity. In contrast homes facing other sides are more likely to be inauspiciously influenced. There are more likely to be affected by anxiety, bad luck, financial loss as well as criminal tendency.

The home design has a silent center, Brahmasthan with is coupled by the kalash which is a golden roof ornaments.

Placement of Rooms

Rooms are designed so that they align with the differing qualities of the sun. The living room is designed in a natural cordial placement. With an ideal place for the kitchen, the meditation room and the study. The ideal places bring out the natural predisposition of each room. When you set foot in the living room, you feel relaxed, in the study, you feel more alert, and relaxed in the meditation room.


Vedic homes are not built near harmful materials such as electro-magnetic fields and microwave towers. All building materials are organic in nature from Mother Nature. Exceptional precautions are taken, to shield the home owner from electro-magnetic fields by insulating electric wires.

Orientation while sleeping.

A Vedic home achieves health and peace of mind for occupants of homes who sleep with the head facing the east. It also establishes the most unhealthy way to sleep with our heads facing to the north.



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