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F. Scott Fitzgerald is well known for his writing of The Great Gatsby and for very good reason.


Who is ‘The Great Gatsby?’

A man with money is one that is very popular but who is he really? No one really knows who ‘The Great Gatsby’ is. What they know is that Gatsby throws some of the very best parties and he seems to throw his money around like he has plenty to lose. No one knows the real man behind the money and few of the people actually at his parties have even seen him before in their lives. None that is, until Nick Carraway decides to travel to West Egg where Gatsby lives.


Little does anyone know that Nick Carraway is actually the cousin of the long lost love of Jay Gatsby and Gatsby himself doesn’t even figure it out until after he’s decided that he truly likes Nick and wants to spend time with him. When Daisy comes into the picture however, it starts to change the relationship. Though Daisy is married she’s never forgotten Jay Gatsby herself and she’s been in love with him for as long as she can remember. But what is a couple in love to do when there’s someone standing in their way?


This romance takes a different spin by being told from the point of view of a not entirely impartial third party. Daisy and Gatsby have a story of love to share but they are not the main character. It’s going to take a lot for them to be happy and to come out on top but are they actually going to be able to succeed? Daisy’s husband is a jealous man after all even though he has a mistress on the side. He’s not about to give up Daisy if he can help it and certainly not to the likes of Jay Gatsby.


The true test will be whether or not Daisy’s love holds true enough that she’s willing to give up everything she currently has to run away with a man who’s fortune may not be all that it seems. After all, Gatsby seems to have come out of the woodwork as a premade millionaire yet he has no family to speak of and seems to have no job either. So where did his money come from and will Daisy be willing to give up her marriage and the life she’s always lived for a love that she once had for a very special and very genuine man? It’s something that Nick Carraway is definitely wondering as well.


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