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The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer discusses a new way that everyone can go about becoming slimmer and healthier without having to sacrifice the food that they love. Anyone can lose weight without having to give up on food and without hardly even having to diet if they follow The Fast Diet because you get to eat the same way that you always do for five out of the seven days in every single week. The other two days (which you get to choose) you eat only about a third of the calories that you eat in a regular day.


Why it Works

The Fast Diet encourages you to eat just like normal for five days every week. On those other two days you eat only 500 (women) or 600 (men) calories each day. Those fasting meals are what help you to burn the fat from the rest of the week and they also allow you to still feel healthy and full because you’re going to split those calories over the entire day and you’re going to eat foods that will help you to feel full for longer without eating a lot of calories.


In this book there are over forty recipes that fit the qualifications for your fasting meals. This means you’ll be able to follow a recipe that’s already been created to help you feel full enough to make it through an entire day. You won’t have to experiment and feel hungry while you try and decide what to eat. This book has all the recipes you need and then it also has a calorie counter so you’ll know how many calories are in the other foods you eat that aren’t part of the recipes in the book.


Next you’ll be able to see pictures of fasting meals in case you want to try out something new for yourself. The book is backed by science that will all be explained to you so you don’t have to worry about what you’re doing or whether it will really work. Being in shape and losing that extra weight has never been easier. You’ll be able to do it fast which, after all, is exactly what The Fast Diet is supposed to be about. These authors have compiled information from doctors to support their findings and have added in more than enough extra features to help you lose the weight.

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