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Owning a business can be difficult enough on its own but trying to make it succeed in a bad economy or even in a good economy can be difficult which is precisely where Good to Great by Jim Collins comes into the picture. This book discusses ways in which many companies are able to succeed or fail in their goals and their tasks. Some companies seem to succeed effortlessly while others seem to fail when you’re not even sure why. If you have a company than you don’t want to take that type of risk with your money.


Getting to Great

With Jim Collins book it’s easy to see what companies need in order to succeed. Not all companies need to start out as amazing stores or with amazing ideas in order to really make it. There are plenty of stores that make it from Good to Great with what seems to be no real reason at all but this book talks about those reasons and explores them in detail for companies that want to achieve higher levels of success and higher levels of profits as well since that’s what your business is about.


Some of the greatest companies of our generation and generations past have been explored, researched and explained through the course of this book so that everyone can achieve the levels of success that those companies have managed to achieve. If you want your company to last you’re going to need to make some changes so that it’s the best possible but you don’t want to take the trial and error method so don’t do it. Instead, take the advice of someone who has spent years of his life researching this very topic and creating a book that explains his findings.


This study explains leadership styles that really work as well as the right discipline, the Hedgehog Concept and the doom loop. If you’re looking to succeed then you need to know as much as possible about each of these so that you don’t end up stuck in the doom loop for yourself. Don’t make the changes that some companies have made and that have caused their downfall. Instead, learn what works in modern business and what the general public is really looking for when they start searching for those companies to work with and to purchase from. You want to make sure that your company is that company.

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