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Brene Brown’s story, The Gifts of Imperfection, is yet another self-help book that will allow those who may not be quite perfect to feel better about themselves. Being perfect is simply not possible for anyone in their life. There’s always going to be something that every single person will do wrong or will not be able to accomplish. Yet many want to achieve perfection. What they may not realize is exactly what Dr. Brene Brown has to talk about; imperfection is actually a gift to humankind and a gift to each person individually as well.



There are many different ways that a regular person can make their life worthwhile and those things have nothing to do with achieving perfection. Instead, it’s important to be able to look at what society wants from everyone and ignore it. After all, how can you feel as though you are important or you’re good enough the way that you are if society is constantly telling you that you need to be completely perfect in absolutely every way possible? Well it most definitely won’t be easy, but Brown is going to explain how you can tune that negativity out.


This book discusses the ways that every person can go through their life and make some changes that lead them to feel better about themselves. These changes will also allow that person to feel happy with the life that they lead instead of constantly believing what society says about needing to be better. No one needs to live their life according to a set of rules that they don’t even necessarily understand. Instead, it’s time to live your life based on the things that you do know and the things that you do well. There’s more to life than you may think.


It’s going to take an entire journey for you to reach the kind of bliss and happiness with yourself that this book hopes for you to achieve. The book is also going to help you throughout your entire life as you make the changes necessary to be happy in life. There are many ways in which the average person is imperfect but that doesn’t mean that you need to become perfect. Instead, with The Gifts of Imperfection, it’s time to embrace those imperfections and learn to love them the way that you love some of the other things that you do well in order to be happy.

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