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Perhaps bearing in mind that subjectivity is an issue?

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Damian Mark Smyth is awesome - you'll love his book.

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How to be Stress Free in 24 Hours!

  • ASIN: B009Q38XWE

Stress Free in 24 hours is the latest must read for lifestyle enthusiasts. Well as it states, What if you had a sudden realisation that the following sentence was not true: “We live in stressful times. We have to ‘do more with less’. There is a global recession biting, which means that the struggle is harder than ever before.” What if you saw that this was an illusion? What if you were shown that the reality was, in fact, that there is no such thing as stress, that you actually just ‘made it all up’?  The author claims that he will show you, in this short book, precisely ‘why’ that is the case. That you have been making it up since you were born. That the system, by which you are doing so, is working perfectly well. But it is the misunderstanding of the results (the feelings), that is the problem. It is claimed that The feelings of stress… they are real alright. But they are NOT being caused by the recession, lack of money, spouse, children, job, mother-in-law, boss, dog. What’s more, they are your friend, not your enemy. They are there to warn you that your thinking is not to be trusted in that moment (you know the feeling in an argument when you are REALLY right?!). Yet we misunderstand the system, and think that those feelings should be changed, or the circumstances (that look like they are the cause) should be altered.

Damian Smyth is actually a great motivator with his carefully crafted writing. Like one of his critics stated: Having always been somewhat sceptical about these types of book, I was very pleasantly surprsied by the subject matter and ideas that Damien discusses here.
His thoughts and processes are easy to digest and, in my opinion, do work.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone trying to deal with stress and who is searching for that stress-free lifestyle – even though this is not a substitute for psychology treatment.


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