Adriaan Brits is a marketing consultant with particular expertise in Digital Marketing and International Maketing, focusing on issues of cross-cultural negotiation and business growth in challenging circumstances. His latest book is called

“Google Adsense blueprint for Corporations and home businesses”


adsense-adriaan-brits-marketing-coachThis publication offers actionable advice for new and existing online businesses. The ability of home business and large corporations to benefit from Google Adsense as a multi-billion dollar concern makes this industry attractive to various players. Google is the dominant player in the online advertising market as a result of its willingness to work with both ends of the market. The author Adriaan Brits is also a training provider to one of the largest entrepreneurial classes for start-ups on Udemy. Every week he adds new successful case studies to his class as a result of the most research carried out in a live environment. New aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses can learn from these techniques by studying this publication and the recommended action points.
With online advertising being the fastest growing segment, that includes mobile and tablet advertising, any website owner who understand how to target these markets, can prepare to join a very profitable industry. Given that responsive web templates and solutions are now so easy to enforce, practically all that is left for entrepreneurs is to gain a deeper understanding of how Google Adsense works and to observe some successful case studies.
Today there are methods available to increase click through rates and drive higher traffic to websites. By further improving the revenue profile through diverse sources, the business plan is perfected, although constant improvement is possible. The incremental improvements to both these elements is what causes a significant increase in revenue. This publication discusses a combination of methods to improve these individual tactics, which users may incorporate into their business blueprint.
Concerning User generated content (UGC), engagement can be significantly improved by understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and rewarding user segments in relation to their most prevalent needs. Content promotion, which is the ability of a website to rank users content according to popularity – can really target the higher esteem needs of the users and create a sense of achievement online. Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn are not the only platforms which benefit from UGC in today’s environment: Every online business can if it understands the reasoning behind UGC.


What is Google Adsense?

Whether you are in the boardroom, or at home, understanding Google Adsense is relatively easy. Google Adsense is a very simple solution, which allows Google to display contextually relevant advertising alongside web information. Adsense is in fact the middleman between an advertiser and a publisher. The advertiser will create his advertisement on Google Adsense. The publisher will tell Google Adsense that it has inventory available. Then Google will place the advertisements on the publishers’ inventory, charge the advertiser for it and then pay the publisher after deducting a commission. The advantage of using this system is that both the advertiser and the publisher have no need to contact each other. Publishers can simply focus on producing good quality content and it will automatically be sold to advertisers. Inventory is not a complicated term: In the context of online publishing, inventory can be an article that was written in plain text, but it can also be other content such as videos, presentations and sound recordings. Contextually relevant advertising is enabled because Google automatically knows about our inventory:  For example, if it knows that your article is about insurance, it will automatically place insurance ads within the article. In cases where Google has the permission to do so, it will also place personalised advertising on your content that is unique for each reader. For example, if your reader searched for flights to New York before visiting your article, and then reads your article on home insurance, one of the ads he will see on your page may be about discounted flights to New York, and another add may be about home insurance. By using this technology, Adsense increases the chances that your reader will visit some of the advertising, which will result in revenue for you, the publisher. Adsense is not complicated. It has been simplified to the extent that anyone who knows how to use a computer, can learn how to use it in less than 10 minutes.

“A good digital marketing plan will always integrate well with Google Adsense..” (Adriaan Brits)

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