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June 16, 2015

How psychology is taught at Oxford university

So today I’m sited gazing aimlessly at the screen of my laptop. Somehow in my seemingly drilled stature, I’m able to open a few pages online and read something; something on psychology. I have always read about psychology and wondered how deep it stretches. Everyone seems to share the same ideas at least on academic level; the basics of psychology are always discussed the same way, using the same words or at least words that are closely related. Going through the web pages I just opened, I can read something on how psychology is encrypted in every human emotion, everything that is done, every decision taken and executed, whether the right way or the wrong [...]

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June 6, 2015

Oxford University for the best musical course

Choose the course you cherish

Are you going through a hard time deciding on your future or that of your son or daughter? Then if you lie in this category, there is one thing you need to know before making any major decision that will leave a scar into your lives. There is one important thing that many people often forget when deciding their future. Tomorrow and your future career is all about your passion. The successes into our lives all depend on how passionate you are in the course you are in. for example, if I placed you in a career such as medicine, and you lacked the passion, it would be worse than asking you to dine with the devil. It would be very [...]

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May 24, 2015

Lifestyle in Oxford University

Today am having a conflict of ideas. Am torn between two forces and I don’t know the one to write about first. Should I talk about a certain course that many people are unaware of its existence in the as I like to call it world class university or should I take this opportunity to take you way back to behind the walls of Oxford University. And by so doing, I will take you way beyond the four walls of a classroom to another side of Oxford that you totally know nothing about. Or should I expound a certain career field that most of you never thought was offered in Oxford. Ok, I think I will settle for lifestyle in Oxford University.

The 5 minute on-time [...]
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May 2, 2015

Medical Science Best Offered in Oxford University

Oxford University; a world-class institution

Oxford University’s medical course

A few months back; I took you on an educative journey to the University of Oxford that happens to be a world-class university. The school offers a variety of courses both undergraduate and postgraduate. The courses offered in this excellent school are high-class and equip the students with the necessary knowledge required to face any challenges that face them in real life situation. The primary objective of the college is to produce competent graduates and eradicate production of ‘educated fools’. The University does an excellent job to [...]

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