Psychology is a very crucial course for anyone and encouraged for anyone. Oxford University is a good choice for anyone.


Unless you cannot study psychology at Oxford it is a very wise career choice.

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Getting to understand psychology takes more than just reading about it. You need to get to a class and study it as a course in your preferred university.

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So today I’m sited gazing aimlessly at the screen of my laptop. Somehow in my seemingly drilled stature, I’m able to open a few pages online and read something; something on psychology. I have always read about psychology and wondered how deep it stretches. Everyone seems to share the same ideas at least on academic level; the basics of psychology are always discussed the same way, using the same words or at least words that are closely related. Going through the web pages I just opened, I can read something on how psychology is encrypted in every human emotion, everything that is done, every decision taken and executed, whether the right way or the wrong way. All have psychology written all over them.

But somehow I cannot make anything out of all these (closely relate all these things to psychology). This is because I did not get a chance to study psychology in school; I chose something different. I can see the New York prison break being discussed and the authorities trying to figure out how the criminals might be thinking. I can see that psychology applies to love and lovebirds. But perhaps something interesting is how psychology relates to control; human control. It’s true that humans have struggled to have control ever since we existed (I will go straight to Charles Darwin and say that even the cave man craved control). That’s why you will always pause or do away with advertisement pop-ups in a web page you just opened; you are much comfortable when you are in control-amazing, don’t you think? All these stories are all over the internet, and ooh, there’s even psychology on internet browsers (like me I guess). Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior, and it is best taught at Oxford University; a world class higher education society. Join me as we go through the course briefly.

Pursuing a psychology course in Oxford will not only help you understand the human emotions and behavior, but will go a long way in equipping you with all credentials and potentials that will sell you out at many prolific institutions depending on your preferences. I have reviewed the University and a few courses and if you have been following then I’m sure you understand why sending an application there isn’t such a bad idea. If you are reading this for the first time then you are welcome to go through the other articles as well. At Oxford, a course in psychology is treated like a scientific discipline that entails both experimental work as well as an observation sector. Among the variety of psychology departments in the UK, the Oxford Experimental psychology Department is considered to be the best. Its prolific legacy is attributed to its physical size as well as its expertise in research and excellence in teaching.

The institution offers the students five or six research seminars alongside other undergraduate classes as well as lectures. Currently, the department has strong research groups in the following areas; language, neuroscience, developmental psychology, human cognitive processes, social, psychology, and psychological disorders. This course graduates go on to pursue careers in the following areas professional psychology, finance, teaching and research, as well as industry at large. However, some of these careers require further training to attain the required standards in these professions. This course offered in Oxford is accredited by British psychological society.

Let us get to the critical bit that entails the requirements for joining this course in Oxford University and not just any other ordinary university. These requirements include the following: The department expects the candidates to have studied one or a variety of science subjects or alternatively have studied Mathematics and in all cases to have attained A-levels. Alternatively, the students can have Advanced Higher, or Higher Level in IB or any other equivalent. These qualifications are just not enough as the students must also undertake a Thinking Skills assessment as part of their application requirement. Since the university targets recruiting the brightest students, their candidate’s ethnic background isn’t much of their concerns and they provide their students with financial help.

The weekly timetable is as follows for term 1 and 2 the students choose three courses out of the following; psychology, linguistics, philosophy, statistics, and NeuroPhysiology. The end of term assessment is conducted via the first u

niversity assessment exam that entails three written papers. In terms 3-5, the students pursue nine courses alongside a ninth one that is compulsory. These nine courses include

  • cognitive neuroscience
  • perception
  • social psychology
  • behavioral neuroscience
  • language and cognition
  • developmental psychology
  • memory, attention, and information processing
  • Personality, individual differences, and psychological disorder. The ninth compulsory course is the Experimental design statistics.

The assessment is the part 1 of the final university examinations that include four written papers as well as a practical portfolio. The 6-9 terms entail three advanced courses in psychology that are always alternating each year to ensure advancement in psychology department. One of the options includes a library dissertation. The continuation of the research project is one of these terms courses. The assessment comprises the part II of the final university examinations containing three written papers, as well as the research project report.

And so there you have it, a brief explanation of how psychology is done at the Oxford University. It is clear that professionalism as well as globalism is encouraged and the course is a beauty if you take it from there. The quality is definitely high given the intense nature of the tests and examinations not forgetting the qualifications. This is the best educational society that will offer you more than you bargained for. If you study psychology at Oxford then you will be able to understand the emotions that have always seemed hard to perceive. The stuff you read on the internet will be easy to perceive and explain to others.

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