Track your sleep and learn to get enough sleep with SleepBot smart alarm

by February 17, 2015

One positive thing about SleepBot app is that it is available on both Android and iOS. It is compatible with all types of devices as well. The app is free, too.


The SleepBot app is not medically approved so it’s a good try, but that only. So, if you’re experiencing serious sleep problems you should contact a doctor.

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To sum things up, if you want to improve your sleep, this app can be helpful in most cases. I think that even using the feature of monitoring your sleep only is enough in terms of improving.

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SleepBot app is available both on Android and iOS devices. It’s a really cool idea for people that want to measure the quality of their sleep. For people that want to improve their effectiveness through the everyday activities, clarify focus when working or studying, in fact to improve quality of life. As we are all aware, sleep is the most important part in this process because it directly impacts and influences all aspects of our life, so why not learn and use this for our benefit.

If you find yourself in a situation to feel like a zombie even after 8 hours solid sleep, or you feel refreshed after a nap that lasted only an hour, this app could be of your great interest. It offers to measure different parameters of your sleep and help you to improve your sleep, and that implies improvement even of your life.
SleepBot is recording your sleep, monitoring your movement and waking you up within the lightest stage of your sleep, stage number 2. That is the stage (it’s not important whether it’s REM or non REM sleep) when your eye movement stops, heart rate slows, and body temperature decreases. This stage usually last 20 or 25 minutes and if you are awaken within this interval, when you are in stage number 2, you will feel like you are really rested and filled with energy. That’s why it happens that you take a nap that sometimes it’s only 20 minutes, and either way you feel very well and fresh.

This app is trying to do this for you. It’s a kind of smart alarm clock.
It uses the phone’s accelerometer in order to track your movement and determine the quality of sleep you’re getting. It also records the noises you make and allows you to rate the sleep and write notes about the sleep as soon as you wake up.

Through SleepBot’s settings there are a lot of options so that you can customize the app. For example you can write notes about the day before you go to sleep (it’s a choice of preset notes). You can also describe how you’re feeling in a free-form and use it like a kind of dream journal. It can be set to automatically turn on airplane mode on your phone as soon as you fall asleep so that you are not disturbed during the night. Also you can set the amount of sleep you want to achieve in a week so that SleepBot can measure the statistics and help you realize if you’re on the right path to succeeding in your goal.

SleepBot actually wakes you up within 30-minute interval of your set alarm time.
It’s clearly notified that you might want to plug in your phone to its charger in order to avoid battery drain.
It’s an extremely interesting application that’s worth a shot, because we all know how much important sleep is, as part of our life.

I’m not sure if I was only psychologically influenced by the thought that SleepBot is working, but I did feel a lot fresher when waking up, a lot rested and more effective through the day while using the app.

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