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Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov is a book intended for teachers of children in grades all the way from kindergarten through senior year. This book is all about techniques that teachers need to know in order to set all of their students up for success and college. After all, college is beginning to become the only way to achieve success in our country and making children want to attend is the crucial key to getting them to achieve that success in a job that they can excel at and enjoy.


The Tips to Success

Teachers may feel like they are doing the best they can all the time and yet it’s just not working. Sometimes it feels like the children just don’t want to learn and so they go out of their way to make things difficult for the teachers who attempt to help them. On the other side however, is the fact that children do want to learn. Most children don’t misbehave because they don’t want to understand but because they simply can’t. It’s easier to seem like the class clown than the class idiot and so they joke and tease.


To set children up for success it’s important for teachers to see beyond these actions and beyond the blank stares or uncaring attitude of some of their students. These tips and techniques involve ways of making children accountable for their own actions and inspiring them to want to learn and advance as well. It’s not as difficult as some children think it is and with the right amount of help and support it doesn’t have to be difficult even for the children legitimately struggling with the lessons.


Each technique is spelled out in a specific way that makes it easy for teachers to apply. They’re also written in a way that will help children no matter what grade level they happen to be in. There’s more roads to success than many have imagined and a child who is inspired at the age of 6 or 16 can still manage to make their way to that success. It’s all about teachers learning the right tricks and students being interested in learning. So get children interested and be that perfect teacher that can inspire absolutely any student. With videos of each technique working in real world situations there’s no reason for any teacher not to give this book a try.

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