Welcome to Las Vegas where you can be sure of contradictions: seedy, deceptive, deadly and wild. Vegas attracts  and accommodate people of differs kinds–especially those that have many secrets to keep, or possibly those that want to start their life afresh by putting their pass life behind them. It’s the perfect spot for Lester Olsen’s lucrative and criminating  business. He extends to treat gorgeous, ladies to five-star restaurants, splashy shows, and limo rides–and in turn teaches them different methods on how to kill and sending them to missions.

Private Jack Morgan spends the vast majority of his  time in Los Angeles, where his top investigation thriller(film) is based in with their headquarters right in the middle of it. But a mission to find two criminals lead him to the land of sin–and to the ring of murder cases which is more seductively threatening than ever and more deadly than anything he have witnessed before. PRIVATE VEGAS have brought  James Patterson’s Private series to a  high thrilling and sensational new level

It is great for James Patterson partnering with Maxine Paetro on PRIVATE VEGAS, the newest installment as part of his multi-faceted Private  series. Paetro brought her collaborative magic for the Women’s Murder Club thrillers and have since proved herself to be an important and prestigious writer, when you consider the consistent and reliable success of such books. Patterson chose Paetro to do business with him even with the initial Private  volumes, and her return takes this always intriguing ongoing saga to an inspiring and greater level that even the casual Patterson fans will welcome and love.

just as it have become a method in other patterson Private series, PRIVATE VEGAS is made up of four (actually, make that 4.5) separate plot lines which are independent of one  another but have Jack Morgan, Private’s CEO, in keeping. While most of all the main action happens in Los Angeles, the “Vegas” in PRIVATE VEGAS concentrates on an extremely ambitious grifter named Lester Olsen. A former card counter from the Vegas casinos, Olsen’s blackjack days have ended. He now spends his time building a lecture series created to educate attractive  and sexy ladies in order to meet, woo and wed millionaires. For a limited number, though, Olsen features some very special arrangements, where he set up an introduction between a really ambitious lady  plus an aging billionaire whose days following his wedding will likely be numbered. Morgan gets wind in the scheme almost by mistake, but his efforts to thwart Olsen may cost him a highly value customer, plus an employee, within the process.

Speaking of personnel difficulties, Rick Del Rio, one among Morgan’s best operatives, finds himself on trial, accused of a violent assault on his former girlfriend. This one is personal to Morgan, considering that Del Rio saved his life. While Del Rio is really a violent man with an uncontrollable hair trigger temper, he vehemently denies that  he attacked his ex-girlfriend, or even any  other person at all. Morgan believes him without any doubt, but the prosecutor seemingly has enough evidence to secure a guilty verdict. Unless Morgan can somehow poke a hole within the state’s case file to perform his magic, it appears he’ll almost certainly lose an operative — one of his  best friends— to prison.

even While this is happening, an uncle/nephew with some  team of “diplomats” from an all-but-unknown country are tearing around beautiful  Los Angeles, stealing, raping and also killing, in the mean time claiming immunity. The Worst of all was that, they’ve an expert team of cleaners that normally wipe out all their evidences that is incriminating, so there is not even enough evidence to extradite them out in the United States. Morgan personally interjects himself to the investigation, putting his  might and majesty of Private’s resources into stopping the group, but even at that, it  doesn’t seem to be enough. It appears that Morgan is going to face smarter and more deadlier opponents which may lead to one of his greatest failures.

Someone was even exploding luxury automobiles of the most influential and  wealthy men in town, and Morgan’s car became certainly one of their target. this cause it to become personal with Morgan, but his investigation assumes on added urgency when one explosion has a human being  as a victim. And then there is another strange woman that’s trying to top her record to get from Point A to Point B within the Los Angeles highway system. Who is she? Why is she doing what she’s doing? And what is she doing in PRIVATE VEGAS, without the need of apparent link to anyone or anything within the book? You should read it to the very end to uncover the full story, but you’ll be happy you did.

Private Vegas
by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Publication Date: January 26, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Hardcover: 496 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
ISBN-10: 0316211133
ISBN-13: 9780316211130

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