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The Paleo diet has continued to gain popularity as time goes on and it’s obvious that many people are interested in trying it out. Practical Paleo by Diane SanFilippo is a way for anyone that is looking to start this diet to truly understand what it’s all about. This diet talks about the best foods that you can eat and the foods that will keep you healthier than ever before. In this book you’ll find out more about the foods that you should be eating and the foods that you should be avoiding as well.


What is Paleo?

For those who are looking to get started on the Paleo diet they need to know more about grains, legumes and dairy products. Knowing how much of these foods to eat and how much they should avoid helps everyone to make better choices and also to make healthy choices. It’s so easy to eat unhealthy foods but at the same time it’s definitely a bad idea. It’s very important that people understand all the information about the foods that they are eating all the time and in order to do that they must read books like this.


Diane’s book is a way to achieve the right goals that anyone is looking for. Practical Paleo contains guides that will help others to better understand the Paleo diet. It also contains 30 days’ worth of meal plans and tons of different recipes so that everyone can have a great time with it and really enjoy the food as well. There is no calorie counting on the Paleo diet and there is no low-fat or ‘diet’ foods. Instead, everyone just needs to make sure they are eating healthy


Getting healthier is difficult but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to eat properly. Having health disorders can be cured or at least drastically mitigated by following a healthy diet like this one. This diet is one that has been followed for thousands of years and if it’s a success then it’s definitely going to continue to be successful and well used for a very long time. One great benefit that this diet advocates is the fact that it is a very healthy one that can be followed by anyone both old and young. It can also be very beneficial as a lifestyle change to make rather than having to only follow a diet for a short time.

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