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The battle of David and Goliath is legendary and Malcolm Gladwell seeks to continue the legend but not in the same way. In fact, this David and Goliath is all about how the story was flawed and how the characters were really able to succeed in their endeavors. It may not have been as miraculous of an event as history would lead us to believe but may, instead, have been a completely probable event that should have been foretold long before it actually occurred.


The Truth About Obstacles

When everyday people face obstacles they overcome them or they try to go around them. Some people get completely stumped by obstacles and simply can’t work their way around them. In this book Gladwell seeks to discuss the ways in which the story evolved and the history of where it came from. Yet he also seeks to explain to the reader the ways that overcoming obstacles and challenges in life can truly change your life. No matter what your age or your level in life these problems could arise and understanding what they really mean is crucial to being able to survive them.


There are many events that occur during the course of life for the average person. People die, school problems arise, career setbacks occur and far more. Any or all of these things could happen throughout the course of your life or someone that you know and love. As a result, it’s important to know what you would and should do in case one of these events occurs. This book discusses the ways that obstacles may not be as bad as the average person thinks from the start. It discusses the psychology of obstacles and thinking patterns that can cause the average person to succeed.


The history of David and Goliath is full of the tales of Ireland and there’s more history than just that contained in this book. In fact, there are plenty of tales of Northern Ireland from the time of these two great legends until modern day. These obstacles include cancer, civil rights, revenge and far, far more than could be described in this short description. The culture of this great country has evolved over time and continues to evolve because of the ways in which the people fight and overcome their obstacles. It all depends on your point of view and the changes you are willing to make.



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