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The entire summer has passed for Harry without a single word from any of his friends and he’s beginning to wonder if they have forgotten about him altogether. Then he is taken to a place he never knew existed. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is book number five in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and it’s the first of a new style. Things are turning dark in the wizarding world as Voldemort continues to gather power and followers. Ever since the Triwizard Tournament he’s been getting stronger and now it’s about to all come together.


The Order of the Phoenix

Harry is going to be sucked into more than he could ever imagine in this book as Voldemort steps into full power and begins to truly take over the wizarding world. He’s going to have to do everything he possibly can in order to protect the people that he loves from the mayhem and evil that is the dark lord. If he doesn’t, then all will be lost because Harry Potter is The Boy Who Lived and he’s the only one, according to ancient prophesy, who can defeat Voldemort once and for all.


The Order is determined to do everything they can to protect Harry and to undermine and defeat Voldemort for themselves. Everyone, that is, except Dumbledore who always seems to know more than he lets on. They are all looking to do whatever it takes to rid their world of this evil overlord once and for all but some in the wizarding world are attempting to still assert that he is nowhere to be found. They claim that he is not returned and that lives should continue as they have before, until irrefutable proof steps before their eyes.


Harry and his friends are going to have the fight of their lives ahead of them if they want to have any hope of survival and that survival will come at a price. Not everyone can make it out of a war unscathed and that means losses on both sides of the war. This will not be the ultimate battle quite yet but every little thing will lead them closer and closer to that day and closer and closer to the possibility of loss in the end. It’s going to be Harry versus Voldemort yet again as they battle to protect or overtake the wizarding world for good.

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