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Some people are simply cruel by nature and that’s the case with Beastly by Alex Flinn. Kyle is the epitome of perfect jock. Everyone who is someone wants to be liked by him and the girls all want him. But if you are beneath his notice he can be downright cruel. So what’s a witch to do but cast a spell on him? He’s always treated those who are ugly as if they are worse than dirt and now she’s determined to make him know what it is truly like to be different and to be ugly.


What’s a Pretty Boy to Do?

Kyle is disfigured with marks and tattoos that no amount of surgery can possibly do away with. His father has sentenced him to a little apartment all his own far away from everyone he knows. He’s even hired a private tutor, a blind one of course, to take care of his disfigured son who he can’t even bare to be around anymore. But Kyle needs to find someone that can love him despite his looks, before the time runs out and he’s stuck that way permanently.


In a way very similar to Beauty and the Beast, Lindy comes into his life and his household. Determined not to let his former schoolmate (who he disregarded as not important) Kyle hides his face and tries to avoid her. But Lindy is determined to know her captor and the two eventually start to become friends. But is it going to be enough to develop into love in such a short time? And could Lindy ever look past the face that Kyle wears and love him as a regular person? Kyle isn’t so sure and he doesn’t know if he even wants to take the chance.


Things are starting to change for Kyle as he begins to realize the world he never really lived in. Instead, Kyle sees his housekeeper as a woman struggling to save money to bring her children to America, children she hasn’t seen in years. He sees his tutor as someone who lost his sight suddenly, unexpectedly and now still tries to see the best in everything. Most of all he sees Lindy as a girl who he never gave the time of day to before, but who wants to make the world a better place. But is he seeing too little, too late? Or will the witch take pity on him if he doesn’t earn love?

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