Taj Mahal – A Place You Must Visit with your Love

by Tess BryanFebruary 16, 2015

A true symbol of love and loss sparkles in the light reflected from this monument made up of white marble. Yes, we are talking about Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World which is also known by the name of “Crown Palace”. This spectacular Mughal architecture has an epic love story hidden in its tomb. Taj Mahal was built by a Mughal Emperor “Shah Jahan” for his most beloved wife “Mumtaz Mahal” after she died conceiving her 14th baby . It is said that Shah Jahan’s love for his wife was so great that he constructed such a masterpiece that the world could never forget on her deathbed. He did so because Mumtaz Mahal asked him to build a monument so great that the world could never forget their love. After her death, her body was brought at the city of Agra where Shah Jahan began the construction work of Taj Mahal.

History of Taj Mahal

Pictures cannot perfectly present the beauty of this huge Mughal monument. It was build by Shah Jahan in love and memory of his late Wife Mumtaz Mahal. The design, layout, execution, finish and curves are the things that make it one of the most beautiful building of the world. Legend says that around 20,000 builders worked day and night for 23 years to finish the whole building as well as its surroundings. The huge tomb standing at the middle on the banks of river Yamuna took 17 years to complete. It is also said that Shah Jahan blinded the architects and chopped off the hand of the craftsmen so that they can not build another such structure in their lifetime.

Taj Mahal Review

Taj Mahal’s Architecture

The main tomb stands at the last behind the central pool and the four quartered garden known as Charbagh. Charbagh is basically a huge lawn which has been divided into 4 parts each running about 1000 feet in every direction. The first thing that you see while entering through the mane gate is this main tomb where the body of Mumtaz Mahal lies. It stand on two bases, one of which is made of sandstone while the other one is made of marble and possesses a chessboard design. The extraordinary feature of Taj Mahal is undoubtedly its huge dome. The incredible thing about this dome is that it was initially built at the ground and then this 200 feet dome was raised over the minarets. The beautiful work of flowers, petals and leafs in the monument is so fine that even a magnifying glass cannot help you in revealing the breaks in between the stones. Both Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan are buried directly under the dome where no one is allowed to enter as per the Islamic Tradition.

However, it is impossible to exactly explain Taj Mahal’s beauty in words. The sun rays at the dawn give Taj Mahal a pinkish look while at the sunset it becomes a bit lemon yellow. At night, Taj Mahal glitters and is pure white standing tall and proud against the black sky.

Taj Mahal

If you are planning to visit this love memorial, the autumn, winter and the spring months are the best season to visit which lie in between October to February. Reaching Taj Mahal is also very easy as it is near the capital city of India, New Delhi. It just takes 3 hours by road to reach Agra from Ned Delhi where Taj Mahal is situated. All in all, Taj Mahal is a must places to visit with the person you love the most. Since it is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you must visit it before you die.

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