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Children are little bundles of joy. We love them, take them to school, and play with them, what couldn’t you do for them!  Birthdays are important milestones in a child’s life and upbringing. Here are some tips that will help you along in planning for children birthday party.

  1. Keep it simple

Contrary to common belief not all kids fancy a flashy party for their birthday. If you are on a tight budget; it is best for a simple party for your child.  Get a few kids around the neighborhood especially age mates / friends and throw a party. Mostly you can hold in indoors and limit the number of invitees. A few gifts, drinks, confectionaries and of course some cake, you won’t go wrong.

  1. Games

Kids at this age are very energetic and love to play. You can play dress up some dramatic play. Face painting, finger painting (mostly girls) are fun games that will excite your child. The other option is to go for board and card games.

  1. Outdoor parties

A visit to the park with your picnic gear can be a great idea. With a camera in hand and a list of fun activities will create a great birthday mood. It can be a great way for kids to exercise their motor skills and have fun on their birthday.

  1. Shows

Take your child for a magic show or a puppet show for their birthday. Follow it up with some gifts and cake later on and your child’s birthday will be a success.

  1. Formal party

Even though birthday parties for 8 year olds are mostly informal, you can choose to have a formal party.  It can be a black tie event or with a party dress code(jacket only). Make it an invitee only party with sophisticated entertainment, exotic foods and drinks.

  1. Surprise party

For a surprise party to work, the participants have to keep the plans under a veil of secrecy. Keep a normal routine throughout the day. The beauty of surprise parties is that it expresses a lot of love and acknowledgement for the child.

  1. Ask your child for some input

For  a child turning 6 to 8, they probably have had a few parties through the years. It can be a wise move to ask your child for some ideas on a party. The child’s involvement will help reduce disappointments, ensuring a smooth successful party.

  1. Hunting/Fishing

Birthday parties can incorporate nature especially if the child is interested in outdoor activities. Teaching your son how to hunt for game or how to fish on their birthday can be a memorable event. However it is important for you and your child to be on the same page.

  1. Doing it Big

Well this follows the new slogan for kids YOLO (you only live once).  This strategy depends on your imagination and a big budget. It could be an open party at a  huge condominium  with  guests. The essential element is to make sure your kid is appreciated by both family and friends.

  1. Visit to the Zoo or Museum

Taking the family to the museum or zoo can be quite exciting. Kids enjoy watching animals they get to watch on TV. They learn while having fun. Taking your child to the zoo for their birthday is also healthy since they have to walk around looking at animals


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