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The Wheat Belly Cookbook by Dr. William Davis is a supplement to Wheat Belly. This book provides a series of over 100 recipes that contain no wheat and perfectly fit the diet recommended in Wheat Belly. The Wheat Belly Cookbook helps readers to better understand the side effects and problems that wheat could be causing in your life as well as the health benefits that could occur if you were to decrease your intake of wheat and follow a wheat-free diet. These diets have become more and more popular and this cookbook helps anyone to follow it.


What You’ll Learn

  • 150 recipes without wheat
  • Recipes for every meal of the day plus snacks
  • How to avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • Shop for wheat free foods and ingredients
  • Learn what to look for to avoid wheat outside the home

This book provides an entire strategy for how to follow a wheat-free lifestyle whether you are at home cooking your own meals or at a restaurant ordering off the menu or even at a party thrown by other people. There are ways to avoid wheat and there are ways to do so without offending your host.


According to this book there are also ways to impress guests of your own without having to resort to wheat filled snacks and foods. If you would like to have a party of your own you will not need to change your regular plans for eating healthy and avoiding wheat because you can make dishes that everyone will love that they will not even notice there is no wheat involved. With this cookbook you’ll find a variety of recipes for anything and everything that you and your friends and family will love including pasta, pie, pot roast and quesadillas. All of these things can be made without wheat.


The problem of society, according to Dr. Davis, is not truly the wheat itself but the fact that wheat is no longer a natural product. The product that you are therefore to remove from your diet is what society now calls wheat but really, it’s not what would generally come out of the ground. Because of all the chemicals and engineering that goes into it, wheat is no longer a healthy ingredient and will lead to many health problems and disorders which can then be avoided by getting rid of the wheat. There are quite a few recipes and tips contained in this book for those going wheat free.

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