One of Jane Austen’s most popular books, Pride and Prejudice is perfect for people of all ages. It’s a classic story of two people who couldn’t be more different and couldn’t hate each other more with something that draws them together. Elizabeth wishes for little in her life except to be free from the embarrassment of her family. When her sister falls in love with a man worth far more than their family is she thinks nothing of the money and thinks only of her sister’s happiness. But others have a stake in the relationship as well. Mr. Darcy for one, does not approve of the match and he when he believes he has a reason, he will stop at nothing to break the happy couple apart.


But Will They Fall in Love?

Elizabeth Bennet is a fireball from the first time Mr. Darcy lays eyes on her and he is a rude brigand that she will have nothing to do with ever after. The two learn to hate each other but that is only the first emotion that they feel. As time continues to keep them close to one another it becomes more and more difficult to continue hating. After all, time and proximity cause them to learn more about one another than they may ever have wanted to before.


The attraction is unwanted on both sides but it seems that this will not keep it from developing into something stronger than either of them can hope to ignore. When it comes to the forefront the two may simply be forced to admit that their pride and their prejudice have led them to make choices they are not fond of and that they now regret. After all, both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are hardheaded and determined not to admit that they have been wrong. But someone must come forward because, as they say, pride comes before a fall.


The relationship between Elizabeth’s sister and Mr. Darcy’s friend is only the first spark to set everything ablaze for these two. The relationship between these two means that there will never be a way for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to be away from each other permanently and that, it seems, is the real reason that the two ever make any headway with each other at all. With either of them be able to overcome their obstinate nature to create a true match? Or will pride continue to get in the way? Money is a powerful motivator after all and though Mr. Darcy has plenty to spare, Elizabeth has barely any at all. Pride and Prejudice will both play a part in their lives and their ability to love each other.

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