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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone tells the tale of a boy who has never known he was destined for greatness and was written by J. K. Rowling. So far as he knows he’s only a normal boy who strange things occasionally happen to but on his eleventh birthday something very big is going to happen to Harry Potter. When the letters start coming first he is confused the intrigued and when he still can’t get ahold of one he becomes determined but it takes a visit from a giant named Hagrid before Harry finally gets ahold of one and finds out something that completely shocks and bewilders him, he is a wizard and he’s been invited to attend the best wizarding school in the world.


The Wizarding World

Raised by what the wizarding world calls ‘muggles,’ Harry has no knowledge of the world that exists beside his own. He’s done strange things in the past and never been able to understand them but he’s never once thought it might be magic, after all, his aunt and uncle simply don’t believe in magic and they are determined to squelch any thoughts he may have on the subject. Leaving for Hogwarts however, is something entirely new for Harry and being able to buy everything he needs is a special treat but nothing can prepare him for the wonder of going to a school to learn magic.


Harry has never really had friends before since his cousin always terrorized him and the other kids were scared to be around him. Now, he’s surrounded by people who seem to know more about him and his past than he does and everyone wants to be friends. Still he manages to sort through the best and discovers Ron, and later Hermione are the best friends he could have, so when things start getting even stranger, the three are ready for anything, except possibly the return of the darkest sorcerer who ever lived.


Harry has already had one run-in with Voldermort. It cost him his parents and nearly cost him his life, but now he’s going to have to face him again to save his world and some of the most important people in his life. An eleven-year-old battling a dark wizard seems strange and far-fetched but there’s no better choice as Harry proves to everyone that night. It’s going to take strength and courage, not to mention bravery and a lot of skill which the three of them combined are able to muster up enough of to discover where Voldermort is hiding and how to defeat him as well to save The Sorcerer’s Stone.


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