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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling continues the story of a young boy with a very powerful destiny. Harry has returned to school yet again as a fourth year but this year is not meant to be like the year before. Instead, Hogwarts will sponsor the Triwizard Tournament which is a huge honor and the one who wins the competition will be acclaimed. But the Tournament is dangerous and Harry isn’t old enough to compete, so he looks forward to watching with the rest of his school, until his name is pulled out of the goblet as the fourth contestant.


The Tournament

No one understands how Harry’s name got into the goblet at all because he’s too young and they definitely don’t understand how four contestants were pulled out of the goblet but Harry has no choice but to compete. He will have to face tasks designed to terrify older and stronger students than himself and he must also face the entire school (including Ron) who believes he somehow hoodwinked the goblet so he could have a chance at the eternal glory promised to the winner of the Tournament.


It’s going to take more than just skill to win the competition and regain the faith the rest of the school had in him. It’s going to take bravery and it’s going to take luck and most of all it’s going to take being prepared. Someone put Harry’s name in the goblet in a way that ensured it would be picked and that someone has a plan for what will happen at the end. They want to ensure that Harry makes it to the end of the competition but that’s only part of their plan, because Voldemort wants to come back from the dead and he’s going to need Harry to do it.


What will happen to Harry will be anyone’s guess. For most the tasks cause a change but for Harry, they seem to be only showing his strengths. Is Harry strong enough to beat the competition and save everyone he hopes to  save? Because he’s going to need to be prepared for the absolute worst and that means working together with everyone still on his side to come up with a plan. But who is on Harry’s side? Cedric just might be and Hermione is, but Ron just might be lost forever to Harry and Hermione both.

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