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We hope that you have positive reviews as a result of customer delight. Removing a negative review does not always solve the underlying problem that customers may have. In fact, in today’s marketing environment where consumers are more empowered, any negative review should be seen as an opportunity to learn what consumers really want.

The psychology of online trust: 

70% of customers do not trust companies which only have positive reviews on the web – because it seems fake.

90% of customers will buy from a company who responds appropriately to any negative reviews.

If you have reviews which are not positive, we suggest that you submit a response to those reviews and try to win the consumers over.  This will show the public that you care. We do not suggest that you try to remove the comments, as often this causes frustration and further action by consumers who feel affected.

However, in exceptional cases the competition can be less than ethical, and often post untrue, negative reviews which are not in good faith. is intended to help brands and consumers interact positively. If you belief sincerely that this is the case for any of your product reviews, please fill in a removal request below:



Please note: Our reviewers are not allowed to accept money to write online reviews. However as journalists, they may accept payment for featured magazine articles from corporate clients.