The Scout (black) casing for Samsung galaxy S6 is the state of the art casing that is very pleasing to the eye and anyone can find it beneficial for other things too.


I would not have anything to take from this posh casing apart from the fact that if black is not your favorite color then you might not like it. But even if that is the case then there is a variety of colors to choose from.

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The Scout (black) casing is very fancy and improves the overall look of your Galaxy S6. Use it and notice the benefits.

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Scout (black)

Galaxy S6 Scout (black) casing

Scout (black) casing

Galaxy S6 Scout (black) casing

The smartest android phone (why have a casing)

After spending a good amount of money to purchase a high-quality premium product, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure that the product is well protected and does not get destroyed. It’s nice sometimes to protect your investment. With its high level of efficiency, Samsung Galaxy S6 needs to be handled with maximum care because nobody wants to risk breaking or damaging the high technology device. This new model of phone has changed the lives of many of its excellent features and the high level of technology. After breaking history with the new invention, the manufacturer of the Android phone went ahead and invented the best casing of the phone that met all the customer requirements in one package.

This casing is like nothing you have ever seen before. Samsung saw the need to give the phone the high class it required by inventing an excellent black casing for the phone. The housing alone brings out the idea that whatever is inside is something precious and adorable. A great number of people risk carrying their galaxy S6 without a casing just because the available cases are the ordinary and low-quality cases that degrade the nature of the phone. After investing such a great deal of money in purchasing the awesome phone, the buyer needs the world to see it and appreciate its remarkable features, as a result nobody wants to hide all the beauty in some ordinary casing. They never want to carry a phone worth over $100USD in a $1 casing.

In the past, most phone manufacturers spent a lot of time and technology in inventing a new brand of phone, but they forgot the most crucial requirement that was the phone casing. Some people are magnificent at dropping all their phones hence they are afraid of investing in a phone that they will eventually drop and destroy. However, Samsung had these people in mind when designing the S6 black casing that protects the screen and the entire phone upon falling. After listening and analyzing the customer demands, Samsung decided to give the customers just what they needed. A phone casing that fit the classy nature of the phone and one that is worth spending extra dollars. This amazing casing is now the current Galaxy S6 housing; Scout (black). The housing is black in color that is a universal color and brings out the cool nature of the phone.

The Scout (black) casing

The Scout (black) housing is specially designed for Galaxy S6, and currently goes for $39.95USD. This price is fair as compared to its nature and the service it gives your phone. This casing protects the phone from breaking the glass screen on falling. The housing also protects the phone upon dropping in water. The HD screen guard is crystal clear with rear skid buds and soft rubberized screen that protect the phone from abrasions and scratches. The Scout (black) housing is water proof that makes it resistant to water penetration. The housing is very useful, and a must-own if you purchased an S6 model because with its frog skin technology it prevents water from penetrating into the phone. This feature is absent in other tablet covers and gives the Scout (black) housing its uniqueness properties.

The casing holds up to three credit cards. When you are going out and want to grab a few items like the phone and a credit card or two, the S6 casing is a life saver; it can hold up to three credit cards. This unique feature of S6 enables you to walk comfortably around with the essential features you need without the burden of your purse or wallet.

The Scout housing meets the military standards that determines the effects of environmental stresses on the equipment throughout its entire lifetime. The MIL-STD-810 provides a series of the standard procedure that are used to analyze specific features in equipment. The military was the first to utilize the technology but currently, other institutions can access it as well. The technology examines certain aspects of equipment that include

  • Analyze the performance of the equipment when exposed to different environmental stresses.
  • Determine environmental stresses durations, sequences and levels of equipment lifecycle.
  • Identifies deficiencies and shortcomings in the design of the equipment.
  • Designates compliance with contractual requirements
  • Breaks down and ascertains the equipment lifecycle.

These standards are quite high, and most equipment fails to beat them. The fact that this housing beat all of them is an assurance of its high and its assured long-term survival and durability.

The perfectly cut front side of the casing allows for uncompromised audio when making a phone call with the housing closed. The front side of the housing also has engineered bezel that deflects unwanted flash when taking a selfie. This feature allows the user to take high-quality photos without unwanted flash.

The low profile casing easily slides in and out of the user’s pocket ensuring easy access to the phone. The generous ports provide easy access to the phone without removing the casing especially during charging. The tactile buttons also provide easy access to all buttons of the phone. Many people love the S6 because of its light nature. The casing is feather-light and does not add any unnecessary weight to the phone.

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  • Okpara Anthony
    May 4, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Many adriod phone are powerful but not much as Samsung adriod …I would love it to be number 1 best bcos of the software and hardware system .thks

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