Digital Hearing Aid Reviews: Nano, Costco, MD, or Hearing Assist?

by May 13, 2020

NANO is the most popular brand according to aggregate US reviews across multiple vendors
Highest spend on R&D with cutting edge technology
A veteran supporting company - "By Americans for Americans"
Best price / quality / value ratio


Slagged off by fake "Doctor" reviewers like "Dr Cliff" which are hard to detect
Mostly available online and not in-store

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Nano Digital Hearing Aid reviews also attest to the fact that they fit snugly, are easy to purchase and to set up. Their customer service and 45-day money-back guarantee receive positive reviews. Best hearing aids in the US for sure!

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For many people over 65, hearing loss starts to affect many areas of their life, especially their social activities. Even when at home, they have difficulty listening to the radio and watching television.

Hearing aids are not a complete cure for hearing loss, but they amplify sounds, making them easier to hear. In the past, hearing aids were very expensive, and many people could not afford them because they are usually not covered by medical insurers.

Today, some brands of digital hearing aids have affordable hearing aids that cost far less than those offered by audiologists on prescription. These devices are not only more affordable but often have the same features as expensive hearing aids, including excellent sound performance.

When buying digital hearing aids, it is often difficult to decide on which brand to choose, but reviews can help the consumer to make an informed decision.

Nano Digital Hearing Aids Reviews

According to most of the Nano Digital Hearing Aids reviews, people praise them for their sound quality when compared to their affordability. “Made in the US, by Americans, for Americans” and highly supportive of veterans and old people, this is a company to watch. NANO get the best reviews and people say that they are the best value for their money. They are easy to purchase and the different models of hearing aids available from Nano Hearing Aids can cover all ranges of hearing loss.

Even though Nano Digital Hearing Aids can be purchased without an audiogram, the sound and volume settings present no problem to those looking to set the right combination for their hearing loss.

Costing between $397 and $997 for a pair, people with hearing loss review them positively for their background noise reduction, sound environment settings, digital sound processing, and directional microphones.

The New Nano Sigma is the newest addition to the range and is great for those who want the latest technology. Reviewers like that the Sigma can run a hearing test on the user’s mobile and then the hearing aids can be adjusted with one click. The most popular Nano Digital Hearing aids model from the reviews appears to be the X2 which is also available in a rechargeable model.

Nano Digital Hearing Aid reviews also attest to the fact that they fit snugly, are easy to purchase and to set up. Their customer service and 45-day money-back guarantee receive positive reviews.

Costco Hearing Aids Reviews

Costco has hearing aid centers at some of its stores where consumers can consult a hearing aid specialists who can offer advice on which the best hearing aids are for their level of hearing loss.

Costco keeps several hearing aid brands including the Kirkland, Phillips Rexton, Phonak, and GN Resound. Even though their prices of these hearing devices are lower than those at specialists, they do cost more than those offered by online channels with the cheapest pair starting at $1,500.

The Kirkland is their most reasonably priced model and even though most reviews point to good sound quality, some reviewers had issues with their fit, background noises, and interference or feedback noise.

Many people state that it is inconvenient to only be able to purchase the hearing aids from a Costco hearing center and that their software is locked. That means that sound adjustments can only be made by staff at the hearing centers. Overall, Costco hearing aids get good reviews but the devices are not as easily accessible or affordable.

MD Hearing Aids Reviews

MD Hearing Aids are sold online directly to consumers and without a prescription. These hearing aids are affordable and cost between $399 and $1,199,99 for a pair. Even though these hearing aids are not custom molded, reviews reflect that they are comfortable and light.

Most MD Hearing Aids reviews indicate that people are satisfied with the results from their hearing devices, but some do complain that they did not work as well as was promised.

MD Hearing Aids does have a 45-day free trial period for all its hearing aids. Their customer service can offer pre-purchase advice and can also read hearing test results, hence it falls in the category of an affordable device. That said, the company does not have that many reviews compared to some other popular brands.

Hearing Assist Hearing Aids Reviews

Hearing Assist has three rechargeable models that can be bought online from Amazon, Walmart, and the Hearing Assist website. Reviews for Hearing Assist indicate that the dials are on the hearing devices are very small and the hearing devices are not easy to program.

However, the consensus from Hearing Assist hearing aid reviews is that these hearing aids do amplify sound sufficiently for mild to moderate hearing loss and are a great solution for those who cannot afford more expensive hearing devices.

Reviews conclusion: Pick your sources of information wisely

Fakers like the Dr. Cliff Youtube reality show are not very helpful when making a pick as many of these outlets push their own cheap Chinese brands. Do a Dr. Cliff / Australia review on hearing aids is not the way to go. We don’t know if Dr. Cliff is a scammer, legitimate source or simply a glorified affiliate marketer. Yet Amazon and eBay also sell many brands of affordable hearing aids and can be seen as another legitimate source for reviews. Hearing aid refunds, returns, and all sorts of other information on hearing aid scams can be evaluated on the web: do this before buying. Both these retailer  websites can be used as a good source for reviews comparisons on various hearing aid types and models.

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