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June 6, 2015

Oxford University for the best musical course

Choose the course you cherish

Are you going through a hard time deciding on your future or that of your son or daughter? Then if you lie in this category, there is one thing you need to know before making any major decision that will leave a scar into your lives. There is one important thing that many people often forget when deciding their future. Tomorrow and your future career is all about your passion. The successes into our lives all depend on how passionate you are in the course you are in. for example, if I placed you in a career such as medicine, and you lacked the passion, it would be worse than asking you to dine with the devil. It would be very [...]

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February 6, 2015

Dr Drum Beat Maker review

Dr Drum Beat Maker is a professional software used for making musical beats of various kinds such as Hip Hop sounds, R&B, Punk, Rap, Grunge, Jazz and urban tracks among many others of your choice. Using a 4 octave keyboard embedded in the software, the user can comfortably create customized beats.

This music beats building software is particularly designed to spontaneously enable the user produce high quality beats in WAV format in the studio. The Dr Drum Beat Maker can work on both MAC and PC and can be downloaded at The software can work on each of the operating system versions.

Dr Drum Beat Maker helps you to freely configure beats of your own choice [...]

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