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The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker is more than just a recipe book; it’s also a tips and techniques book that will inform the reader of the benefits of juicing in their life. For those who have never tried juicing there are many different reasons to give it a chance. These reasons range from increased vitamins and minerals throughout the body to less illness throughout the year. For anyone interested in getting healthier a juice diet may be able to help them to accomplish their goals.


Juicing for Health

This book has a variety of full-color images that will allow the reader to see what they are really making. It features a variety of recipes for different types of smoothies, milk substitutes, coffee substitutes and more that help to make anyone feel better by detoxing their body or helping with colds or the flu. The recipes include a variety of different fruits and vegetables and there are over 350 to try out for yourself. This means that you’ll have almost enough for one every day for an entire year without ever having to repeat one recipe. Try them all out and see what works best for you.


Also in this book are explanations of the systems of the body that are necessary to promote health and increase the natural ability of the body to protect itself. These descriptions also detail the ways that natural foods can help to heal some of the most common ailments of the body and of the average person as well. It’s not difficult to get healthy if you know what you need to do and how you need to do it. Instead, you’ll just need to start watching the foods that you eat and how much of them you eat.


You’ll no longer be able to say that you don’t know what’s good for you or what you should be taking in. This book will explain 80 different health problems and how you can combat them yourself without having to go on any medications at all. Instead, you just need to start watching what you eat and making sure you’re healthier overall. Keeping every part of your body working for you is the perfect start and not only will you feel better but you’ll be able to understand more about healthy foods like fruits and veggies and how to add them into your own life.

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Samantha Rivera
  • Angie Randall
    November 16, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Understanding new ways to get healthy is definitely important. So I thought about trying juicing for myself and started looking around for a good book to help me with it. What I found was The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker. I loved that it had over 300 recipes because that made me think I wouldn’t get bored with the diet. I was also certain that such a variety would give me a lot of health benefits and I was definitely right. There are so many things that your body is able to accomplish on a juicing diet that it simply can’t do on its own.

  • Abby Clare
    November 16, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Juicing is definitely taking the world by storm and so I had to jump into the fray and see what it was all about. I was pleased that I did and pleased that I chose The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker to do it with. This book has a lot of recipes that will help you get into juicing and it also has some great tips and tricks that you definitely need to know. It can be difficult to start a new health plan but I think this book really helped me a lot. It even talked about health problems that can be helped with this diet.

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