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July 5, 2015

Is Google’s Chromecast good value for money?

MOST of us have tablets these days. Whether it’s for work, play or a bit of both; we all enjoy having what is essentially a slab of electronic genius in our hands. There are so many things to do on tablets that help and entertain us, but occasionally we grow tired of looking at that tiny screen and often want something bigger and easier to see, not to mention allowing our family and friends to join in. Now, Google has effectively told tablet owners that they no longer need to be confined to their 8.9″ screens and can happily enjoy ‘streaming’ content from their tablet to the big screen. I’d say the Chromecast isn’t necessary for your tablet/pc, but [...]

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February 20, 2015

Bio Bidet: The Toilet that’ll never let you go!

YOU may think this is a bit odd, to review a lavatory. Don’t worry, I’m sat at a table! But seriously, what’s there to know? You go, wipe, wash and go. Right? Well, that’s what I’ve been accustomed2020

to for almost 32 years of my life, until I came across the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved Bio Bidet from PDS Hygiene.

When my late father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) several years back, he eventually reached a point where he needed help doing things most of us would take for

granted. This included eating, drinking, [...]

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February 18, 2015

The Rise of Lenovo: Radical Innovator or Just Another Copycat?

WHEN my big old Dell XPS laptop died a horrible death, after I jammed a knife in to the motherboard whilst trying to get the damn thing open (yes, I know, what was I thinking), I needed a replacement that could handle high-end editing software, top quality games and an appeal that would have my fellow computer enthusiasts asking after it. Hours of research later, overly serious discussions (with those same enthusiasts) and after plenty of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’, I decided to pick up a Lenovo y510p: a laptop that easily beats off the competition as far as value for money is concerned. It has been great so far, with its slim and light-weight design (for a gaming [...]

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February 17, 2015

Google’s Nexus 9: Three Months On

It’s clear, Google have stormed in to the tablet world with a winner. First it was the Nexus 7, now the Nexus 9. Some are even saying it rivals Apple’s iPad Mini 3 and could finally help Google close the gap with its rivals and maybe even overtake them. Sounds good huh? Well just wait a minute! Before you jump online and start trundling through specs, prices and accessories I have a warning to give you…


Now before I explain what I mean by this, I have to tell you that this article isn’t designed to reveal what’s good about the Nexus 9, after all most of us know by now it has Nvidia’s new and extremely powerful [...]

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