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May 18, 2015

The Airbnb floating house on the Thames river in London

The Airbnb floating house, revealed at the Thames river in London may have been an attempt to show that the group has not lost it’s flair. This is because as a disruptor and innovator, Airbnb has come under attack from several local mob’s, including New York and Barcelona hotel mafia. Despite a significant property crash in Barcelona – mouthpieces of the hotel bosses would argue that Airbnb is pushing up house prices beyond the point of affordability.

It became clear that there are local council’s who do not serve the interest of the people, but are instead puppets for hotel corporations who fear the disruption brought by Airbnb. Barcelona / Catalunia [...]

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March 4, 2015

Stress Free in 24 hours


Stress Free in 24 hours is the latest must read for lifestyle enthusiasts. Well as it states, What if you had a sudden realisation that the following sentence was not true: “We live in stressful times. We have to ‘do more with less’. There is a global recession biting, which means that the struggle is harder than ever before.” What if you saw that this was an illusion? What if you were shown that the reality was, in fact, that there is no such thing as stress, that you actually just ‘made it all up’?  The author claims that he will show you, in this short book, precisely ‘why’ that is the case. That you have been making it up since you were born. That the [...]

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February 22, 2015

Clean Master for Android: Phone Saver!

As an owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 the past 3 years, I started dreading the increasing lag and sometimes freezing which started into the 3rd year of ownership. I did not have many apps, had a workable antivirus software, and also made sure not to use apps which made heavy use of the phone’s 1Gb RAM, and still the phone would act up, almost as if the ghost of previous apps and files lingered on. Previous attempts to fix this without having to root the phone did not have much result. Until I found the Clean Master app by Cheetah Mobile.

Clean Master app is a utilities app which does lets you do four main things: 1. clear our junk files, 2. scan your phone for viruses, 3. [...]

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February 22, 2015


Xbox One, the successor to Microsoft’s most successful console, to date, is starting to make its place in the gaming industry.  Critics are speak highly of its pros and have little to say about its cons.  Its sleek design and improved graphics have enticed many buyers of the console.  However, there is one major topic that Microsoft gamers are sore about—why can’t the Xbox One play Xbox 360 games?  The stage was set for videogame backwards capability when Microsoft released the Xbox 360—a console that was compatible with both Xbox 360 and Xbox original game disks.  So why can’t the Xbox One do the same?  To compensate for the lack of backwards capability on the Xbox One, Microsoft [...]

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