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It is important to balance our busy day’s work with a soothing environment for our minds. A good evening walk by the river, a cup of coffee in a quite restaurant with friends or a good movie in your local cinema theatre or listen to your favorite music on a home theatre.

A good home theatre would offer all the relaxation one would be seeking. Like most household appliances, choosing the right one can be a difficult choice and so there are several things you should consider before taking that home theatre home.


Screens come in varying sizes these days. Before you purchase your home theatre, make sure to consider the size of the room you will put it. With displays, bigger is always better but make sure that is proportional to your living room.

A well surrounded room with a screen.


When you decide to buy the Screen, take time to consider how much light gets in your room, for a dark room Plasma or OLED screens will suit it well, if it’s a bright room LCDs and LEDs are the suitable. For a room with normal light conditions LEDs and OLEDs are recommended.



The other thing to consider when buying a home theater is your audio system. There is a very wide variety of the audio system in the market today, and it does not necessarily go that the bigger it is, the more the quality of the sound. Make sure to go round and see the choices you have before you settle for the right one for you.


A TV screen with two front speakers.


In cases of home theatres 5.1 sound systems are suitable. A 5.1 system has 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer. When you set up your sound system, make sure to place a left and right speaker on either side of your TV to get the best soundtrack and special effects, a center-channel speaker in front or below your TV for dialogue and other on-screen action, two speakers behind your sitting area for atmospheric and directional sound effects and a subwoofer usually put off in the corner for deeper, better bass.



Lastly, a good home theatre would best go with a good video setup for maximum entertainment. With many brands in the market, video systems are not expensive and so it is good to get the most modern one. There are Blue-ray players available which will play full HD videos on your home theatre system from a blue-ray DVD. The latest video players in the market come with many functions that enable you to plug them with your USB, micro-SD card, tablet or phone etc.

Now that you are well informed on what is required to make up an awesome home theatre, go get one. Wishing you the best of luck





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