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June 22, 2015

A look at the bio-medical course at Oxford University

Ever wondered who scientists are and how they come to happen. I mean who are the geniuses behind every great historical invention. It is human to wonder how a single or a couple of minds can come together and make a historical invention such as the vaccine for small pox or measles, or any other deadly disease that claims millions of lives if the necessary precautions are not taken to prevent its occurrence. Then this category of individuals who are life savers and who give us a permanent solution to epidemics are known as scientists. These individuals specialize in studying the human cells as well as the organs to understand how they function in order to [...]

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June 16, 2015

How psychology is taught at Oxford university

So today I’m sited gazing aimlessly at the screen of my laptop. Somehow in my seemingly drilled stature, I’m able to open a few pages online and read something; something on psychology. I have always read about psychology and wondered how deep it stretches. Everyone seems to share the same ideas at least on academic level; the basics of psychology are always discussed the same way, using the same words or at least words that are closely related. Going through the web pages I just opened, I can read something on how psychology is encrypted in every human emotion, everything that is done, every decision taken and executed, whether the right way or the wrong [...]

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