Review of the best cities to visit with your significant other.


Most of these cities are amazing but you might require good cash to visit them.

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These cities posses the best scenery for those who wish to show love to those they hold dear

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Well, you have probably heard people say that “Love isn’t something that you find, but rather Love finds you.” Well I’m not here to contradict or support that statement. All I’m here to say is that once in a while we tend to develop certain strong feelings for others (notice I’m not calling it “Love” basically because the word is overrated and underrated in equal measure). We do this because we need these people in our lives. They seem to complete our existence; they are people you will do something for, not say words and admire their faces. For the beautiful words that are crafted by wordsmiths (that’s right, “wordsmiths), who seem to be stuck in a quagmire of wishful thinking (no pun intended here), we need to use them during romantic moments.

My argument here is not to shun love or wordsmiths that make the word sound mesmerizing, but I’m rather here to present a strong case that love lies in what we do. Particularly for my case, what you do for the individual you love. There’s buying presents and taking care of the romance and making sure they feel a certain amount of satisfaction that their feelings have been awakened to the highest level possible. But why should you waste your time beating yourself up, thinking hard for what to say and how to say it. Why not take your significant other to a place they will love, somewhere filled with love beyond just the words; a place that speaks love for you. Well, truth be said there are many of these places around the globe just waiting for you and your sweetheart to experience the time of your lives.

Don’t sing for them in your living room, the breezy garden in your locality that is visited by every Tom, Dick and Harry isn’t going to do it either. I have no idea why you would take your loved one to a zoo, look at animals for the better part of the day and then expect them to feel on top of the world. Take them to the real top of the world, places known by many and admired by those who can’t get there. Well, you can get there and you can do it right away, but first you are going to need my assistance (remember to thank me later-not that am asking for it). Now, without wasting any more words, let’s get into these cities and find out.


Take your paramour to the city of lights and enjoy a breathtaking experience. You can take a walk down the River Seine bank with your loved one as you enjoy the scenic view of the city. You can at the same time have a better explicit view of the city on the boat ride. After spending the evening out, the next step you need is to have a nice dinner in a romantic environment filled with love. You can enjoy this dinner in one of the many superb restaurants near the Eiffel tower and feel the romance in the air with dine by candle light. A visit to the port Des Arts Bridge that carries a large load of locks locked by other couples can reinstate the commitment to the relationship all over again. As for the newly wedded or those people who are on a date, adding your lock to the millions of locks in the bridge would make a big difference and would be effective in starting off your love journey on the right track.


Hawaii has for centuries been the target for many lovebirds. Those that just went down the aisle, those about and those fellows who in the love mood as well have found Kauai to be the right place for them. The tropical sensation will surely take your love to another level. It is often known as garden of isle that insinuates its ability to beat your expectation with its manmade and natural features that have the ability to create a romantic, secluded as well luxuriant environment that is most convenient for the lovebirds. There are helicopter tours most suitable for two that enable the couples to have a better view of the canyons. The natural splendor present includes beautiful tropical flowers that fill the air with their aromatic sensation, the amazing beaches, the spectacular sunsets, as well as the dramatic cliffs and canyons. As I write about specifically Hawaii, I can’t help but feel my heart beat racing, at the mere thought of me placed in this spectacular environment filled with love and passion and how awesome I would feel, but since am here let me do what I do best, enjoy making others happy. The zip-line tour over the waterfall as well as over the tree tops will get your heart pumping. A tour to the Jurassic park followed by a swim in the swimming hole will definitely keep your hearts tied together.


They are Indian Ocean islands located in the coast of Africa. These islands are characterized by the world’s most heeled people and gives couples the best opportunity to get to know each other better. A honey moon here or love trip to these exotic islands will make you never want to leave the place. The most promiscuous features here include spas, golf courses, exquisite tropical drinks as well as fishing trips that make your stay here with your loved one worthy living.


Now this is my most favorite romantic destination especially due to its ability to unleash the wild side of anybody who visits it. The Australian wilderness is the perfect romantic getaway to the kangaroo island that offers natural beauty accompanied by historical flora and fauna. The island gives you an opportunity to spend your days there either fishing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving as well as swimming. The island also offers its occupants another alternative of tour to animal watching, cave exploration, sea bay expeditions to remarkable rocks that couples enjoy exploring together strengthening the bond between them. The most remarkable feature in the island is its accommodation services. The southern ocean lodge offers the couple the best night ever that is memorable to many.


It is a medieval city located in Brussels that gives couples a great escape to the past to experience like it felt in the 1345’s. this city has gone to a great extend to preserve ts history not only for its benefit but for the world at large. Couples get the chance to stroll in the ancient streets as they elapse back in time to a time that only them experience. This medieval city is one city that enables couples to stroll down outdoor cafes and experience love like it should be.


It is a resort that gives a couple a chance to get away from each other on a private beach and get to know each other more without the hassles of life. There are islands out in the reef that enables couples to enjoy the water filled with fish. Alternatively, the couple can go out to catch the fish accompanied by the fish tours offered by the company. The beaches and the palm trees are other eye-catching features convenient for the couples.


These 23 islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean that is currently the world’s paradise. The coral atolls are surrounded by reefs that are teeming with life. The corals are barely above the sea water, and are secluded and quiet that give couples an upscale getaway.

St. Thomas

It is located on the Virgin Islands and is most famous for its spectacular breakfasts, bed and shopping malls. Its beaches are also another spectacular feature that has made it a resort for many couples. Having spend a day enjoying the wonderful scenes, the two of you can enjoy the party free environment and spend some quality time staring into your lovers eyes.


When you and your loved one need something unique and extraordinary, then Venice is the place for you. The city offers gondola rides to its visitors that make the city’s romance in its unique way. A ride down the canals enables the couple to cuddle up and watch Venice pass by. After such an awesome day, a dinner in one of the Italian restaurants will surely m

ake your day remarkable. A walk along the ancient brick alleys enables you to view the Italian churches and squares as well that will definitely make you fall in love all over again.


Although it is the last option in my list, this doesn’t make it the least option. On the contrary, you should place it in your top list. It is set in the south pacific containing beach bungalows that enable you to have a nice, sweet, and romantic morning swim. After the morning swim, relax on the white sand beaches with the natural feeling characterized by the palm trees. The intensely vibrant sunsets will surely end your day in style.




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