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February 17, 2015

Zygorguides! Bringing Your Game Close


Zygor guides are instructions put together as a strategy guide specifically built for World of Warcraft – an online game with many players classified as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This World of Warcraft in-game software guide is packed completely with a guide viewer.

The work of the guide viewer is to show a list of instructions, one at a time concerning the quests for acceptance. Again, the guide viewer shows how objectives can be met and how to use various items in it among other useful instructions.

Zygorguides has made it easy for players to develop their own characters using quests with a possibility of spreading these [...]

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February 16, 2015

Eso Mastery Guides! Driving the fun on your gaming Platform

Eso Mastery Guides is a product of Elder Scrolls franchise – an entity that has become very important in the gaming world following its inception in 1994. Elder Scrolls released a great product, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), twenty years after it was founded in 2014. For the gamers who want to engage at the highest play level and get a thrilling experience of everything about the game, is the best place for quality Eso Mastery Guides.

Eso Mastery Guides has the largest scope of elder scrolls online game guides of any online site. It comes with a huge variety of gaming guides with an enhanced capacity to get reviews from other ESO Mastery Guides users. With [...]

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February 10, 2015

Figuarts Zero Caymy & Pappug Review

Keimi (alternate spellings: Caymy, Camie) and Pappug are two adorable characters who appeared in the Fishman Island arc in the One Piece anime series. Keimi is a young mermaid who is usually wearing a cropped t-shirt of the fashion brand Criminal. Pappug is her pet starfish and teacher, mentoring Keimi to be a fashion designer. He wears a multi-colored hat, bow tie, and sometimes sunglasses.

In late March 2012, Bandai Tamashii Nations released their Figuarts Zero Caymy action figure. Similar to my Figuarts Zero Nami and Shanks Battle Versions, I also acquired the item from import site Plamoya. After almost two months, the package finally came to me and I was subtly impressed [...]

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February 9, 2015

Figuarts Zero Shanks Battle Version Review

In the One Piece anime series, Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Yonko (four most powerful pirate captains in the world who are neither allies nor enemies of one another). He inspired Luffy to go on his journey as a pirate by giving him his infamous straw hat.

In May, 2014, Bandai Tamashii Nations released the Shanks Battle Version under their Figuarts Zero action figure series. In this version, the pirate is portrayed crouching while powerfully swinging his sword. I acquired Shanks from the import site Plamoya at a huge discount. Upon opening my package and assembling the figure, I got some mixed feelings. Though Bandai had put so much detail on it, [...]

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