Book Review: Highland Magic by Donna Grant

by March 16, 2015

The concept of a magical world was written in a way that stirred the imagination. The story line was great and not predictable.


The communication between the characters was lacking. There were some instances where I thought the characters were acting silly, even for a fictional book.

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Final thoughts:

Overall, I fell in love with the concept of magic and the Druids. The author had seamlessly blended the normal world with the Fae and showering the readers with more than just the magic of the Fae but a love story that was great and memorable. I give it a rating of five for the wonderful reading experience.

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Highland Magic is the fifth book in the Druid’s Glen series. It was written by paranormal romance author Donna Grant. It was published on January 14, 2008 by DL Grant, LLC.


Frang had been High Priest of the Druids for over three hundred years. A curse was placed upon him by the Fae to guard and lead the Druids. Deep inside, he honored his task and cared for the people he had led. Now he was forced to leave the Druid’s Glen. Set adrift from the world he had known after the prophecy was fulfilled. He set off to find himself. Drifting from town to town, finding his new home. When a woman appeared in trouble, he stepped in and rescued her. He wasn’t expecting such a beautiful woman. Wanting to be near her he offered his protection and found something he hadn’t in the last three centuries.


Kenna was a Druid that served the clan Wallace. She kept her secret close to her heart in fear of persecution. Living alone, she was sought after as the clan healer. When a group of men came upon her as she was gathering herbs, they had planned to rape her. Before she could move, a stranger stepped out to defend her, killing two men. When she saw he was injured, she offered to tend to his wounds. She had to admit to herself that he was very handsome. Living alone, she was used to her independence, yet when Frang offered to stay with her and help her out for a brief time, she couldn’t refuse. There was something about him that made her feel safe and comforted. Trust cannot be given lightly though. Both of them held secrets that were too precious to share.


I loved this book! The tale of magic and the Fae got my imagination going. The author’s fascination of Scotland really showed in her book. The character of Frang was riveting. He was a lost after he was released from his curse. Having no other choice, he was acquainted with the side he had forgotten before he was cursed. He was a warrior before he was a Druid. Kenna had trained as a healer as well as a Druid, she hated being alone but was resigned to it. She wasn’t my favorite, though. The most intriguing character I found was Aimery. Even in the few times he showed up in the book, he displayed loyalty, trust and willingness to help. These qualities were very sexy coming from a very good-looking Fae. The most fun scene I found was during the celebration of Beltane. It was a celebration of the time when the wall that separated Earth and the realm of the Fae. The things that happen during this event was something very interesting. I suggest you read it to find out.


The one thing that was a bit out-of-place in the story was their lack of communication. The two characters kept secrets like they expected betrayal from each other. The part where Kenna trusted Frang with her life, but not her secrets was silly from my standpoint, especially since she kept it up for so long.


As I read through the book, I was immersed in the world of the Druids. It intrigued me about the entire series, which I most likely will follow. My reading list is overflowing! Not all books on magic can pull off the natural style of
Donna Grant. This one made the cut! If you want to be entertained by the world of the Fae, this book is definitely the book to check out. Read it and tell us what you think.

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