There is nothing more fulfilling than taking even the slightest opportunity to reduce slack capacity and improve the mode of operations in your business. For your business to keep growing, you need to employ systems and tools that promote continuous growth. A smart business manager understands why good planning and organization is important to the company.

The dream of every business owner is to apply innovative ideas to boost operations and cut down on costs. Teamchat has just made it easier for you to manage your organization. The Teamchat App is a smart mobile enterprise messenger from Webaroo. Webaroo is a world leader in mobile message and one of the key benefits of Teamchat is improving business communication channels and sales productivity.

Businesses and large organizations have been plagued by the challenge of managing tasks and coordinating activities. However, serious businesses that want to exploit their potential have known the benefits of Teamchat.

Why you need Teamchat App for Your Business
The benefits of using Teamchat cannot be over-emphasized. It is a smart way of organizing your business for maximum efficiency and productivity while enhancing realtime action where necessarily. Teamchat is a great tool for your business. It is what you need to monitor all departments and operations.

Teamchat does not need a SIM card to work – a very important aspect in the work environment. It comes with smart messages called chatlets that help to reduce clutter. These chatlets automatically thread and summarizes responses from members in a team. Most importantly, the reduced clutter enables you to create groups of unlimited size. This way, teamwork has just been made smart through Teamchat!


It is very simple and easy to install. Teamchat has been designed to make everything work swiftly with everybody in your organization. Here is how to proceed after it has been installed in your device.
1. You need a work email ID to sign up for Teamchat
2. A verification code will be send to your email
3. Enter the code to verify
4. Build your profile – Name etc.

How to use Teamchat App to Enhance Business Success
Once you have installed Teamchat and built your profile, you can start by creating a chat or joining an open group. Teamchat offers two types of Chatlets – Standard and Custom.

Teamchat Standard Chatlets
In the standard chatlet, you will find various options: sales, service, HR and admin, Finance, Tech Support, General and Advanced.

Let’s look at the sales options. Here, you will find sub-options of sales forecasts, daily sales reports, product survey, inventory stock, sales updates etc. For instance, through Teamchat, chatlets summarizes responses about sales forecasts and presents as one figure. However, a more detailed report can be obtained by clicking on replies.

On the general option, you can make an announcement of your choice. The announcement is posted in BOLD.

Teamchat Custom Chatlets
For the custom chatlets there are options to choose from: poll, numeric, Text, survey, checklist, location, comment, nomination, Text 4 field etc.

If you want to have a poll, you can pose a question like, “Was the promotion campaign helpful? The question is posted as a chatlet with a thumps up and thumps down option. These two options will help you know how useful an event or a product was realtime.

The “Text 4 field” enables you to collect data or information of your choice. For instance, enter your details – name, age, location, organization. This is posted as a chatlet. It can be used to collect data of new employees, product details and so on.

With Teamchat, surveys can easily be conducted. For instance, you can pose a question to members with several options to choose from. See the example below.
What are the customers’ views about product X?
a. Very Good
b. Good
c. Bad
d. Very Bad

The chatlet posts the question with a thumps up for each option enabling replies for each. Most important to note is that, a chatlet can be deleted when it expires. After that, members won’t be able to reply to it.


When choosing the best mobile messaging solutions, you must be careful to choose those that come to provide a solution to what you need without attracting other costs. The Teamchat App does not require a SIM card and this is very important to turn the attention of all your members to business processes and procedures.

Most importantly, a mobile messaging solution should be able to reduce clutter. The ability to thread and summarize responses is a great feature for any mobile messaging platform. For this reason, Teamchat is enabled with smart messages called chatlets to provide a consolidated response from all members. This saves on time and increases turnaround time in executing business tasks and other operations.

The beauty of having an ability to customize your messaging platform cannot be overstressed. A good messaging app should give you the flexibility to customize it based on your needs. Other factors to consider are the issues of security and the ability to create large groups as would be dictated by the number of members in your organization.


The Team Chat App has cost implications just like any other services. You will not get it for free. However, the cost is affordable compared to the help that it will offer to your organization.


Teamchat is basically your best partner in planning and scheduling your business activities. This way, you will be able to have a solid plan to cut down on costs and enhance your ability to work with a well-defined budget – very important for any business owner. It is a more realistic way of making feasible business goals and objectives to a point where they are attainable.

With Teamchat, decisions are easily made because of quick and consolidated response that gives a true picture of the state of business affairs. Real time data and information is useful to make sudden adjustments that will go a long way in saving company finances. From human resources management to managing technical support workers in the field, Teamchat ensures good workflow. It makes it possible to monitor stocks and reduce any kind of downtime that may result from delayed communication on the same.


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