The Infinix Alpha Marvel smartphone is a fully packed device with great features. The screen size is very good. Most importantly, it is of a high resolution – a feature that most people are happy with.

Portability is always an attractive feature of any phone. For this 0.56w/Kg smartphone, you can easily carry it around without many issues. Despite its size, it can comfortably fit in your pocket or purse. Even when making or receiving a call, it doesn’t feel like you are carrying a heavy gadget next to your ears.

The X502 smart phone is durable and therefore takes away any worries that are commonly found amongst phone users. However much careful you are, your phone will definitely slip off your hands at times. Therefore, this phone has an ability to withstand some bit of compact.

Unlike the Infinix Alpha Marvel, most smartphones have a horrible battery life especially when it is often connected to the internet. Therefore, this is the kind of phone you would love to buy if you use the internet a lot. Its capability has been enhanced relatively compared to the other smartphones in terms of battery quality and life. The phone’s music features are sufficiently good and will serve you well if you love listening music from your phone.


The Infinix Alpha Marvel cannot compare with other phones like Nokia and Samsung in terms of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode screen capability. However, many people I have come across are okay with it. Again, it does not have a Gorilla Glass screen and therefore could crack easier than other smartphones in the market. Again, it has a somewhat outdated version 4.2.1 of Android Jelly Bean.

The Infinix Alpha Marvel smartphone is a product designed from France and manufactured in China. It has been trading in the market for some time now. Also known as the X502, the smartphone has made waves in various regions and I felt I should say something about it after I bought it 8 months ago. It is not quite known compared to other brands such as LG, Huawei, Tecno, BlackBerry and Samsung that have flooded the market. However, its connection with France is something to tell you that it is a top notch brand.

For those who have used it, they may have had an awesome experience with it. It is something you would want to buy. The Infinix Alpha Marvel smartphone fits in the class of good phones and has increasingly been accepted by many sellers and buyers in the market today. Many people are usually wary of new models, especially with new phones in the market that are manufactured from China. However, this smartphone has continued to win the trust of many especially because of its features and functionality.


The Infinix Alpha Marvel X502 has great and pleasant features that a user would want in a phone. The size of the screen is sufficiently large enough – 5 inch and in HD. This is comparable to the size of mid-range and high-end smartphones in the market today. It definitely has a high resolution. Additionally, it also comes with a screen cover that is a very useful feature.

You cannot tell about a phone without talking about its battery. For the X502 smartphone, the 2500 mAh battery life is incredibly good. For a heavy internet user, you don’t have to worry about recharging your phone in the course of the day after charging it overnight. The battery does not heat up as is the case with most smartphones.

The slim feature of this smartphone is fantastically good. It has a 6.98 mm thickness. It is also light despite its form factor and large screen. Other important features include various mobile apps with an ability to add more. The internet connections are just what you would want to have. It has a 1GB RAM and a Quad Core 1.5 GHz Processor. The phone has a 13MP back facing camera as well as a 5MP front facing camera.

For packaging purposes, you don’t have to access the phone innards all the time. The SIM Card is inserted through a SIM tray and is removed using a pin just as in an iPhone. However, it has a non-expandable on-board flash memory size of 16GB while some smartphones are now going to 32GB memory size fixed flash memory with an ability to expand using a MicroSD card. The power and volume controls are to the left side unlike for most smart phones.

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