Sennheiser Momentum headphones review: Headphones for the urban audiophile

by February 19, 2015
With great sound and stellar design, these pair of headphones justify a high price tag.

- great audio performance
- high quality construction
- premium design


- not quite portable

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The Sennheiser Momentum headphones justifies a high price with its high quality audio and great design.

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Sennheiser has been known with their great headphones paired with their unique sound signature for almost 7 decades. Most of these headphones are targeted at individuals who like hearing their music as the sound engineer intended. With most of the headphones that Sennheiser makes are for monitoring use, the sound company has made a mainstream consumer-friendly pair of headphones that are comfortable for long sessions while still maintaining the sound signature that Sennheiser is well known for. This is the review of the Sennheiser Momentum headphones, and read on to know why this headphone is great for audiophile urban-goers.


The guys at Sennheiser have worked with a great attention to detail and emphasis on premium headphone fashion with the Momentum. Style never goes outdated with these pair of headphones, starting with the premium leather on the ear cups and the durable steel headband connecting these ear cups. The premium feel of the Momentum is seen in every detail of it. The adjustment knobs on the sides of the ear cups speak of elegance, sophistication, and simplicity. It effortlessly slides up or down based on your preference.


The Momentum comes with all the goodies you’d expect from a high-end pair of headphones. Photo: Sennheiser

The great choice of materials that Sennheiser made for the Momentum shows every time you look and hold it. The Momentum boasts of high quality materials, such as premium leather in its ear cups and headband cushion, and the elegantly polished steel headband. The moment you put on these headphones, you can immediately notice its premium feel. These headphones are positioned in the high-end headphones department, and it never disappoints with every use.

More importantly than design is the audio quality of these headphones. The ear cups feature plush ear cushions that enable its user to take longer audio sessions without straining the ears. Usually, other headphones of its class make the ears a bit uncomfortable with prolonged use. The Momentum has done a great job in minimizing this discomfort by having soft and airy ear cushions that is also washable if ever sweat gets in the way.

iPhone users, rejoice: the Momentum headphones also comes with an audio cable with an inline remote for switching tracks or answering calls. Another good thing about the audio cable is that it terminates on a hinge that is able to be bended to a 90-degree angle towards the 3.5-mm headphone jack, which gives great flexibility when you put your audio device in your pocket. And another good feature is that the Momentum also comes with a full 6.3-mm headphone jack for plugging the headphones into your audiophile equipment like DACs or hi-fi station.

Audio performance

Interestingly, the Momentum has got a great sound quality, paired with the notable sound signature that Sennheiser is known for. It is not bass-heavy, meaning bassheads (I’m talking to you, Beats fans) can’t expect heavy bass from this pair. The Momentum has a well-balanced sound, producing clear highs, detailed mids, and satisfying lows with enough punch. The tonal range isn’t overdone or harsh; it is perfectly balanced that will suit a wide range of music genres. Have in mind that the Momentum are closed-back headphones, meaning it provides a passive noise reduction but you could still hear noise around you. Even with a closed-back style, it offers a wide soundstage to give an immersive audio experience on the go.


Overall, the Sennheiser Momentum headphones are a great set of modern headphones for the modern urban dweller. These pair of cans deliver a well-balanced audio quality that you can expect from Sennheiser. With a price tag of around $400, these headphones sit in the high-end market. Even with the high price, it can be justified by the great material choices and high attention to detail that is suited to give a fashionable sense to portable audio. You can’t go wrong with the Momentum with its great audio performance and solid build quality.

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