Luscious assortment of chocolates

An assortment of different varieties to suit a variety of tastebuds

See's has an enduring and classic reputation for excellent quality


Not available in every state

Some of their assortments can be pricey

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If there is only one variety of See's that you will ever try, See's Soft Center box is the best. Even with the price being a little on the higher side, I can almost promise you that you won't regret purchasing them.

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See's Soft Center chocolates

See’s Soft Center chocolates

Growing up, buying See’s candies was always a treat.  One mostly saved for Easter or another such special holiday.

Even as a child, I knew that their chocolates were special and I was always really excited when my family would buy a box to share.

They were no less special as I grew older and started dating my  husband, who would buy them for me on Valentine’s Day.

You see, he also grew up with See’s chocolates being a special treat for his family as well and so was very familiar with how special they are.

A Long History

See’s Candies have been around since 1921 and have a reputation not only for excellence in their candies but in their customer service as well.   They have been around for so long that it’s now become a multigenerational treat spanning decades, for many families.

See's candy shop

See’s candy shop

When you walk into a See’s candy store, it’s clean, bright and full of samples.

Yes, samples!

I wish more companies offered samples.  Companies that offer samples develop a loyal following.

Think about it:  There’s Costco,  Baskin Robbins, Starbucks and See’s Candies.

What do they all have in common?

You guessed it.

The free samples.  But I digress.

See’s Candies :  A Hometown tradition

Having moved away from California 10 years ago, my husband and I were so sad to find out that See’s candies were not available in our new state of Texas.

It was hard to imagine but we questioned whether this love of See candies was unique to California.

Thinking back on it, we could have ordered them online for special occasions, but the idea never crossed our minds.

Now, with a See’s candies shop having opened recently not too far from where we live and another opening  in one week just a scant half hour away from where we live, we are excited to be one of  the first  patrons going through their doors shortly.

We are hoping that the love of these chocolates will now be a “Texas thing” too.

See’s variety of chocolates

See’s Candies has quite the assortment of boxes of candies available.

See's assorted chocolates

See’s assorted chocolates

For those who love the crunch of milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered nuts, they have their Nuts and Chews set.   I love the combination of the texture and crunch of the nuts with the  sweetness of the chocolate.

Others (like my husband) may not prefer that, but I have always been partial to crunch in my chocolate treats.

For those who, like my husband, prefer their chocolate to be soft and sweet, there is a box of soft center chocolates.  These are so luxurious and decadent with amazing flavor combinations like dark chocolate with a blackberry filling.  Yum.

And if you want to experience a mix of the above, See’s has got you covered there as well; they have an assorted box with a mix of soft centers, chocolate covered nuts, caramels and brittle.

The above are some of my favorite sets of candies but if you have an uber special occasion or just want a chocolate that is even more outrageous, See’s  Candies has an assortment of luxury chocolate sets that look absolutely scrumptious.

See's custom chocolates

See’s custom chocolates

I have to confess that I have never purchased any of these sets, although I have been know to stare at them pitifully.

For now, they are simply out of my price range and I have not been able to justify an occasion grand enough to purchase them for, but I’ll think of something!

Some of the fancier sets include their truffles set , their gold and silver sets and their fudge.

I just recently discovered that they even have a line of See’s semi-sweet chocolate chips if you want to make some killer chocolate chip cookies.

Bottom Line

Of the See’s candies sets that I have had the pleasure of having, my favorite set by far have been the soft center chocolates.

See's chocolates

See’s chocolates


The fillings are a true delight, (Lemon, strawberry, chocolate, and more) lending credence to the old saying that Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

But in this case, it will always be something good.

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